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Take Them Off The Pedestal & Get Them To Chase You!

You are a diamond, do not treat yourself like a rhinestone!💎

If you want to make your crush chase you and be “obsessed” with you, in the best possible way of course, then keep reading because this post is for you!

So how do you get your crush to be as crazy about you as you are about them? This is really important because we want to be desired. We want to be chased and all want to be wanted.

We want to feel sexy, important, and awesome. And we want the person of our desires to feel that way about us. It's not wrong to want this. We're going to get to the bottom of it... And by the end of this post, you are going to know exactly how to be that sexy fillet and not a Taco Bell Quesadilla. 🌮

So first things first, you need to start being a little more rare. What do I mean by that? I mean, you need to make yourself a little more scarce. Now for some out there, they might be thinking "I'm pretty scarce. My SP has ignored me for the last year. That's as scarce as it gets" but listen.. it's not okay because you're thinking of scarcity in the lack mentality. I want you to think about scarcity in the rare, expensive, sought-after mentality.

Think about diamonds. 💠 Diamonds are not rare. Diamonds are not expensive inherently. They're not hard to make.. they're abundant on this planet. There's really nothing special about them. But when De Beers cornered the market, they decided to control the amount of diamonds that are available. Now they are, for all intents and purposes, the most important stone that we sell because it's a 💍wedding ring💍. It's the thing that people get married with. So it's the IDEA. The "idea" of diamonds is what makes them rare. The controlling of the output is what makes them rare, not the actual diamonds themselves.

Now, am I saying you're not important? Absolutely not! What I'm saying is you need to start treating yourself like a diamond and not like a rhinestone. I can buy rhinestones at Michael's, Target, Joanne's online, Amazon - all over the place. Now, if I want a diamond, it's a different process. I've got to shell out money. 💵 I need to pay attention. If I don't have a big budget, I'm only getting a tiny one. You want something big? You're going to have to put a lot of energy towards it. And that's how you need to treat yourself. You are the gem, not them.

Y O U are!

Remember you're the Turkey at the Thanksgiving dinner. (Here is a link to my video about manifesting people and treating yourself like Thanksgiving dinner). But're the Turkey. You're the star of the show. Your SP is gravy. They're lucky if you put them on your body, you know what I'm saying?

So you're going to be rare. You're going to be the filet and not the Taco Bell quesadilla. You're going to set boundaries. "You can only talk to me or see me in waking hours. We need to have plans. We're not going to be hanging out for 20 minutes before you go off into another appointment". No, no, no, no, no! "You're taking me out. You're wining and dining me. You're treating me like I'm important and you're hanging out with me in the daylight hours". And I don't just mean daylight hours as in the sun is up. I mean, like during the day, during the day on the weekends, Friday nights and Saturday nights! We're not talking 2:00 AM on Thursday night. No, no, no, no, no! My phone will not answer at that time anymore.

You need to be expensive. You need to be rare. You need to be important. You need to have boundaries. Listen, you want on this ride? 🎢 You gotta be this many high. You gotta give me this many tickets. 🎟 You gotta treat me this way because otherwise, you're not seeing the value of what I'm offering so therefore you're not going to be allowed on the ride.

You need to be honest with yourself and your person. You need to be honest about what you want. You need to stop considering their needs when you're thinking about your own. They have their own chance to deal with their own needs. This is not it. This is YOUR chance. This is your turn to deal with your needs. Your needs are the most important thing. There's nothing in the entire world that could be more important than the way you think because that's how your whole world plays out. It's very important that you start understanding your worth and your value.

We're complimenting ourselves. We're treating ourselves nice. We're not insulting or suspending disbelief and doubt. We're allowing ourselves to just say, "Let me just try this. Let me take some of this control away. Let me release this need for things to happen so bad and just let it go".

We're going to let things happen a little more naturally. I'm going to tell myself that I am the version of me that loves me, or at least I'm the version of me that understands that loving me is possible. We're making our way towards becoming a healthy half. If you are in a relationship, you're filling a circle. ⭕️ That means that your half needs to be full in order for the circle to be full. This world is a mirror. So if you are not full, you're not going to reflect full. TheYOU world can not reflect back to you what you're not giving it. Therefore you cannot manifest a whole version of yourself or any person for that matter if you aren't whole because it's a mirror.

So if you've got gaps, guess what? They have gaps in the same place. We are giving to ourselves what we need from the world - attention, love, honesty, communication, trust, compassion, forgiveness, whatever. You need to make yourself important. You need to remind yourself you're a gem. You are a diamond. As you start putting yourself first, as you start choosing YOU, as you become more and more advanced versions of yourself that respect and loves yourself - you'll notice that you are going to stop choosing the old version of your person or of any person. You're going to start choosing versions of people who are honest, compassionate, communicative, trustworthy, open, and only have eyes for YOU.

This is what we're putting out into the world. This is how we feel about ourselves. This is how we feel about everybody. This is how we expect people to treat us because we're putting in new standards, we're inserting in a new bottom rung, and now we know that if anybody treats us below this level then they are not for us and don't need our attention. It's not our thing, no big deal. We can recognize if somebody is not treating us right because our standard is set. This is a baseline. If you treat me anything below my bottom rung - you don't exist to me. You don't get to be here. I only select versions of me that treat me above my standard and I only select versions of the rest of the world that treat me above my standard. No one goes below this, not even YOU, because guess what? It's ALL you.

As you are choosing different versions of yourself, you're choosing different versions of other people. You're understanding that you don't have to hold on so tight. You only choose versions of people who respect you. You only have people in your life who treat you like you're number one. "Everybody that I'm around is completely honest with me and themselves. We're all the healthiest versions of ourselves" This is how you want to start talking about yourself, other people, SP - everything.

Remember, this is like the mashed potatoes at your Thanksgiving meal. Mashed potatoes, is your co-starring role and it cooks separately from the gravy. The gravy is your SP.

Do they go together? Yes. But not until they're finished cooking. Not until we have good feelings about our SP, not until we have good feelings about relationships, not until we have good feelings about the Turkey, not until the Turkey is done do we eat everything. It's very important to keep all of this in mind.

You are rare. You are expensive. You are important. You're the star🌟of the show. No more side-chick energy, no more side-bitch energy, no more chosen last, no more last resort, no more calls at 2:00 AM coming over for 20 minutes. No, no, no, no, no, no! We have standards. We know our worth. No, one's treating us below that, period.

This is how we operate from now on. So I want you to comment down below:

"I pledge to raise my standards." That's it. I pledge to raise my standards because if you're watching this video, you're wondering how to get someone to chase you. I guarantee your standards about yourself are not high enough. Remember - YOU are important. YOU are a gem. YOU are a diamond. Treat yourself as such.

If you're having trouble manifesting a specific person, you can download my specific person masterclass. It is completely free. I encourage you to download it. And if you'd like one-on-one coaching so you can figure out exactly how to manifest that person and get them to chase you then you can sign up here.

I go live every Monday with Q and A around 1PM PST. And I've got brand new videos out every Tuesday through Friday. If you're feeling generous, please like, and share this post. It helps us reach more people and everyone deserves to know that they are in control of their entire reality. I've also got a specific person playlist that you can access here.

We're all raising our vibrations together. You have the power I believe in you.

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