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Rewriting Your Specific Person (Attract Who You Want!)

Are you working on rewriting or changing the story about a specific person in your life, rewriting a relationship, changing a dynamic, and/or making a relationship into something different than what it already is? In this post, I’ll explain how to erase the old story so that you can usher in the new one.

One of the key components to manifesting a specific person is understanding that you truly control the narrative on every single level, not just: “Oh, I want them to be with me”. “Oh, I want them to want me”. “Oh, we have a relationship”.

What about..“How do they communicate?",“What is their love language?", “How do they treat you?", “What do they care about?", “What are their hobbies?" These are things that a lot of people tend to think are immovable. I see a lot of clients talking about their situation saying things like “I'm doing positive affirmations”, “I'm doing visualizations”, and yet they're still telling a story about how their person is not really good at communicating, they don’t like to text much, they’re emotionally unavailable or not ready for a relationship. Meanwhile, I’m like “Wait a minute, you’re listening to what THEY say? You're letting YOUR own manifestation tell YOU what to do with YOUR manifestation?”.

To this, I say, “NO!”. Unless you like that outcome, you enjoy it, and want more of it - that’s the end of it. You need to shut that shit down N O W! Pay attention to what you were thinking that led you to this moment, what you were thinking in response to it, and where you are going next because that’s really important. All this happens in a split second. This is the mental diet practice where you catch yourself telling a limiting story and realizing that if you don't want someone that's a bad texter, then don’t affirm your specific person is a bad texter. Instead, if you want somebody to text you 27 times a day, then start thinking: “They love texting me 27 times a day”. “We're always texting”.

You are not limited to anything except what you continue to describe, expect, or react to. You don’t have to experience any of it unless you allow it in your mind, then it's definitely coming your way. When you're working on rewriting a person, it's really important that you don't let anything they say, do, think, or feel affect your mind or mood. Now I know this sounds callous. I'm not saying “fuck ‘em who cares what they think?” Well, I mean I’m kind of saying that, but what I mean is if you continue to let their opinions affect what you do with your mind, you will continue to manifest them the way that they are NOW. You're not going to change them by thinking positively about what you already have. I call that making roses out of diarrhea. Is it disgusting? Yeah. Actually, it's disgusting in both ways. It's you being positive about the shitty situation that you don't like. I'm proud of you for thinking positive about that thing that you don't like, but why take it to that level when you can go even further with it and realize you don't even need to settle for whatever it is that you've got. You can change the story and experience the version of them that you want.

How do you do that? You flip the script. When you change, they change. BE the change. In every single moment stop allowing yourself to think anything but those thoughts that are in alignment with the version of them you want to see. For example, if you want your person to be a better communicator, then any time they come into your mind, they're only the version of them that texts 27 times a day.

How do we practice this? Let's say you get a text message from your person and they text you everything you've ever needed to know and everything you've ever wanted to hear. They're engaging. They're kind. They're complimenting you. Great!! Good!! They're exactly the way you need them to be so affirm it then reaffirm it. “They're amazing and we have a great relationship!” Awesome! Let's say the text just says something basic like: “Hey”. Then you affirm “GREAT! They text me all the time. We have such amazing communication. I love how communicative this person is. We really get each other. We have such a great relationship!!”

What if they text you something angry. Shift your thoughts to: “Wow! This person really is so kind to me. We have such a great connection. I love that I can just always trust them and they always have nice things to say to me!” Let's say they text you nothing. It's been 27 days since you got a text versus 27 texts a day. They come to mind so then you think: “Wow! We really have an amazing connection. I know they always think about me. They're always reaching out to me. They always want to share their day with me. They've never really been fulfilled by anybody else. No one really gets them the way that I do. We have these amazing conversations!”

Now let's examine these.. Whether or not you receive a text, if it's a text you like or don't like, if it's a phone call, or complete ghosting - each one of the affirmations I shared in response to any of those outcomes still keeps you in a reality where things are working out for you. There may be a period of time where it feels like you’re lying to yourself in order to get things to change, but the cool thing about it is that you're already lying to yourself. You're already telling yourself a bunch of bullshit that’s not actually true, it's just stuff you believe. We're good at doing this. Instead, just change the content. It doesn’t matter what social media says, what your friend says, what your SP says, or what your mom says - it's all up to YOU. You get to decide based on the thoughts you think. The narration of your story is what is constantly manifesting. You must be aware of what is going on in your mind and you must be willing to shut it down and replace it with something else when it’s something unwanted.

How do you rewrite a person who seems like this is just how they are and no matter how many positive things you think about them, they are still going to show up that way? If that is what you’re thinking, then you haven't rewritten them. If they're still showing up the way you don’t want consistently, then you haven’t been consistent in your rewriting process.

I am saying this from a place of love, not judgment. I can tell if someone is doing the work or if they’re not, it's very obvious. You must be willing to do this process. You must be willing to make this a dedicated practice. The cool thing is that once you do, your whole life works out. The benefit far, far, far, far, far, far outweighs the cost of doing the work. There's nothing in the world that could be more worth it than this. Start dedicating yourself to the process. Do not allow anything that happens in the 3d world, or even in your mind, to derail you from thinking the best thoughts about your person and this relationship.

Control the narrative. All the time. Only tell a story about them that matches the reality that you’re working towards. Imagine one of those huge chalkboards that is on wheels. Think about the whole story of your SP - all the patterns, all the history, all the bullshit, everything standing in your way or coming between you two - it’s all written on the chalkboard. Now visualize taking a big eraser and you just erase that whole chalkboard. You are wiping out that whole story from top to bottom. ALL of it - the whole damn thing. Just get it out of there and then blow that dust away too. You’ve deleted the story. Do not allow yourself to tell it again. No more reacting to that old version that was written on the chalkboard. You’ve erased all of that. Now it’s time to turn the page. A new chapter has begun. That is no longer the person you have and if you react to them, if you think of them like that, if you allow them to tell you how you feel - then you're getting the old crusty chalkboard version.

That's just how it works. You already have them. They're already here. They're really easy to get to. If you allow them to trigger you, then you immediately go back to that old version. This is why awareness and discipline are so important. I keep harping on it because that's what everything boils down to.

Are you telling an old story about them? Did you just imply that this person doesn't want to text you and talk to you all day long? NO! YOU are their favorite person!! Instead, you’re thinking: “They love talking to me. We talk 27 times a day, every single day, deep conversations. They tell me how their day is. We have an amazing bond”. Your old story with your SP is water under the bridge. Anything that they've done or you've done is past history. Any feelings, resentment, pain, anger, sadness - all of it needs to go!

Alright, so now that the old story doesn't exist anymore, I want you to get out a new piece of chalk and it is going to be pink this time. We’re going to write a whole new story. I want you to describe your situation, your SP the way they are now, and the new reality that you’re going to be focusing on for every single moment. You can change it right this very second. It's YOU that you are waiting on. It's not the other person.

If you would like some additional help, then check out my Free Manifest A Specific Person MasterClass. If you would like to dig a little deeper, then check out my Manifest A Specific Person Workshop. It’s actually designed to help you get to the root of any issues blocking you from manifesting your SP. Sure, It is work on your end, but it is the most rewarding work that you could ever do for yourself. You can actually join that course and start right this very moment, getting to the bottom of the problems surrounding your situation.

You can also sign up for one-on-one coaching so we can discuss exactly how you can rewrite your story, rewrite your person, and live that out in every single moment. I go live every Monday on Youtube with Q and A around 1PM PST. Be sure to join our Facebook Community - Black Moon Society so you can connect with other people who are having similar experiences. And, if you’re feeling generous, please share this post! Everyone deserves to know that they are in complete control of their reality. We're all raising our vibrations together. YOU have the power!! I believe in YOU!!

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