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VIBES by Roxy©

Sink into the VIBE of your ideal self with VIBES by Roxy. An energetic experience allowing you to radiate AS your ideal self and BECOME that version through daily, subconscious manifestation.


Manifestation happens easily and harmoniously when you align your thoughts and energy to match your ideal reality.


Create your ideal life by spending your days in the VIBE of your ideal self.


Living AS the ideal, BECOMING the ideal.

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/ˈˌself ˈləv/  -  noun

regard for one's own well-being and happiness 

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Let love guide you all day long towards becoming your ideal and best self!

✨Connect with the ultimate source of Self-Love within on this journey to your heart center💗

You’ve never known love like this before, and it’s available to you 24/7, whenever you want to tap into it!

Wake up with Daily alarm clock reminders set to an exclusive "love-frequency" alarm tone, setting yourself up for the most self-connected day.


Print out and recite daily the Best Me Ever affirmations to rewrite your self-concept and rewire your brain for self-love!


Become a Self-Love master with the 7-Day Self-Love Guide, where each day of the week has its own task for ensuring daily self-care and tender love.


Perform today’s self-love task while enjoying the audio adventure of the Best Me Ever Affirmations original album.


Connect mind, body, and soul on the yoga and meditation mat (sold separately), combining your workout and spiritual connection, while the ethereal tunes of the Self-Love Movement track carry you through your session.

Connect to infinite, ultimate Self-Love with a hypnotic guided meditation that takes you on an incredible ride to the source of your own love of self!


Cap off your evening with the 5-minute self-love rampage audio and a scripting session in the beautiful Self-Love journal (journal sold separately). 

Let love guide you all day long towards becoming your ideal and best self!

No love is more important nor more powerful than the love of the self

how to vibe:

Whats Included:


Best Me Ever Affirmations Deluxe Edition

  • Best Me Ever Affirmation Album

  • Best Me Ever Affirmation Cards Pdf


Self-Love VIBES Subliminal Track for Meditation & Movement (40 minutes long!)


Guided Meditation to Connect with Ultimate Self-Love (35 minutes)


Daily Guide​

7-Day Self-Love Guide (16-page guidebook)

Hourly Reminders​

Self-Love VIBES Daily Alarm Clock Reminders pdf Guide

Alarm Ringtone

LOVE THYSELF Phone Alarm Ring Tone


5-minute Unconditional Self-Love VIBES Rampage

Enhance Your Experience...

*Items sold & shipped separately

*Products are printed on-demand and cannot be canceled or refunded.