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Private Mentorship

My 1-1 mentorship is for The Visionaries. The world-changers. The Icons. The Revolutionaries. The Legends. Powerhouse to Powerhouse. Moving mountains, shifting the status quo. We move fast, and we move big. We don’t wait for opportunity, we build a gateway. We don't ask for permission, we open a portal.


Together, we will forge your legacy in 2024. Together we will bring your visions to life in 2024. I’m here to guide you, to inspire you, to call you on your shit, and make sure you remember just who the fuck you are. You came here to make a positive impact on the world. You came here to do more than just build a business. You are a world disruptor. Let me help you shake shit up.


In 2024 we’re doing BIG shit… will you be doing it with me?

30 Days of Voxer Coaching!

1 month, you and me, growing your mfkn empire!

-Unlimited Voxer access to me for 1 month

-Membership to SYNERGY and enrollment in any current program plus access to ALL pre-recorded programs

-Membership to The Big Beautiful Dreams Club


Do the entire year with me!

Together we'll grow your iconic, world-altering empire so you can make a positive impact on the planet

1-1 calls as needed

-Unlimited Voxer access to me

-1x 90 minute Strategy Session per quarter

-Enrollment into Ascension Mastermind

-Membership to SYNERGY and enrollment in ALL of my programs

-Membership to The Big Beautiful Dreams Club & quarterly Masterclasses

$99,999 PIF
$55,555 / 6 mo
$9,999 /month
Not ready to invest in coaching?

It's perfectly okay if you are not in a space to invest in private coaching at the moment. But if that's the case and you still would like personal attention from me, consider joining my VIP membership, SYNERGY, giving you several chances per month for personal attention from me. This membership is incredibly powerful and full of loving support from your fellow community members. Your transformation is here💗


If you prefer to learn at your own pace on your own time, I invite you to check out my library of transformative Self-Study Courses!


Email for questions.

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