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My Story

I always knew I was here to share a message. I followed the path of a music career while earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science. As I navigated my life searching for fame in the music industry, I stumbled on the Law of Attraction in 2011 and began my journey of understanding my place in the Universe.


After nearly a decade of searching and perfecting my craft, I built my own process that I then used to change my life. Up until that point, I was barely making it by. My husband and I lived off of his income alone, struggling to make ends meet in a one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. But he always supported my dreams while I built my business.


During this time, I felt compelled to put my music career on pause and was steered towards speaking and coaching. My message to the people was finally becoming clear, I knew what I was here to say! Still, I strived for more clarity about manifesting and the forces at hand in this world.


I began testing myself and making myself follow a disciplined regimen of mental focus. What I soon learned was that the more disciplined I became with my thoughts, the easier, better, quicker my manifestations unfolded. It was here I began developing my 360 Method which became the corner stone of my business.


Today my goal is to help millions of people understand their own personal power and tap into it in the most natural and productive way. Each person is different, each situation is unique, and so I offer a custom tailored approach that creates the best environment for success, whether that’s through one-on-one coaching, courses, workshops videos, and more.


Join me in my dedication to a life of complete control, and happiness!

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