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New Techniques for Manifesting a Specific Person

Updated: Jul 14, 2021



This is what most people want to know about, and I want to give an updated,

a straightforward, targeted approach that you can use. WE DON’T NEED TO QUESTION

OURSELVES about which technique to use and how many times to do it, because in reality,

What is going to get you your specific person is not any specific technique; it's a complete

and total shift in your mind frame.

When it comes to manifesting a specific person, I'm a confidence-supporting type

of person. I want everyone to love THEMSELVES and be the star of their own show, but I've

come to realize that a lot of people place their self worth and value IN OTHER PEOPLE'S

HANDS. They're looking for approval and love from the outside world in order to validate

them, and IT JUST CAN'T WORK THAT WAY because everything flows out from within.

You can't get anything back that you don't give to yourself first.

This world is a mirror, and a mirror can ONLY reflect what you put in front of it. So if you

don't put love in front of that mirror, then that's not what you're going to get back. It has to start here first.


First things first, it is very important that we start GIVING TO OURSELVES EXACTLY what we

need from the world and from our partners. If we are trying to be the half of a whole, THIS half needs to be full in order for the circle to be full. In order for you to complete your half of the circle, YOU have to be a complete half, and in order for your partner or your mirror to reflect what you want back to you, YOU have to reflect it first. It has to start here so that it can flow outward. NOT ONLY is it important for you to love yourself because that's what the world reflects back to you, but also think about this:

If you don't love yourself, you're only going to attract other people who don't love you.

Let's start here! You’ve got to figure out how to compliment yourself, beginning by giving yourself 5-10 compliments:

● Every single day - Several times a day

● Every time you look in the mirror

● Every time you have a negative thought about yourself

I don't care if its 5-10 things about your eyes or if you're talking about how great you are at

making spaghetti - you need to start somewhere and you need to start getting into the

the practice of TELLING YOURSELF what you need to hear and feel from the rest of the world.



This is how we manifest for:

● Ourselves

● Our SP

● Our relationship

● Our entire life

So if you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner, what is the star of the show?

Of course, it's the TURKEY! 🦃That is the thing we spend the most time on, it's the most expensive, it gets primed, prepped, rubbed, tenderized, brined, stuffed, and filled with all the love and care that you put into Thanksgiving dinner. It gets the most attention, it gets the most time, and EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE MEAL REVOLVES AROUND THE TURKEY.

This is how your life should be. GUESS WHAT? YOU’RE the turkey!

YOU are #1. YOU’RE the star of the show. YOUR maintenance is the most important thing.

There is NOTHING in the world that could be more important than your mind frame and the

way YOU feel about yourself and the world. Literally, nothing, BECAUSE THAT IS HOW


If you don't look at the world the way you WANT TO, you're not going to see a world that

you want. Or you're going to see a world that doesn't line up with what you want, because

you don't know how to focus on it, lock in on it, and ALLOW yourself to let it happen.

You're the turkey; you go into the oven first, you're cooking all day, you're the most

important thing. We want to ALWAYS make sure that we know what is going on with the

turkey, it’s ALWAYS top of mind.



This is the co-star of the show; the second next exciting thing.

The mashed potatoes represent your IDEAL RELATIONSHIP.

This is the partnership and feelings that you want to experience, COMPLETELY SEPARATE

from any one person, any ideas, any ex, any current situation, etc.

This has nothing to do with ANYBODY ELSE on the planet.

This is you taking a moment to be honest with yourself, and giving yourself the time and

space to say:

“What do I REALLY need to feel fulfilled?

What do I need to complete MY half of the circle?

If I want a full, healthy, functioning circle, MY HALF NEEDS TO BE FULL, HEALTHY, AND


So what do you need? Maybe it’s:

● Companionship

● Honesty

● Love

● Understanding

● Trust

● Monogamy

● Being best friends

● Kissing and cuddling

● Texting all the time

Whatever it is, this is your chance to REALLY get clear about what you need in your lead co-

starring role? What boxes need to be ticked in order for you to be FULFILLED as a partner

and as a person in a relationship?

What do you NEED? I don't want you to consider any other person but you. The mashed potatoes, and what’s going in the mashed potatoes, are ONLY about you. That's all that matters.


Do you know what your gravy is?

Your gravy is your SP!

Your gravy is the PERSON.

The gravy goes with the mashed potatoes - they compliment each other - and it goes really

well with the turkey. But we don't cook these things together, and we don't bring them together until they're COMPLETELY READY SEPARATELY.

We cook all of the parts of the Thanksgiving meal separately, and then when they're READY

to be brought together they come together SEAMLESSLY, they’re PERFECT, and they

compliment each other AMAZINGLY. Your gravy is your SP, and YOU CAN SELECT ANY VERSION OF THEM THAT YOU WANT. Just because you have, up until this point, been selecting a version of them that:

● Doesn't value you

● Doesn't know you exist

● Doesn't want to be with you

● Wants to be with someone else

That doesn’t mean they have to stay that version. Change the recipe!

Start by stripping away ALL ideas you've ever had about what goes into making this gravy.

Take out every single aspect of your SP, including:

● Details

● Past

● Memories

● Feelings

● Experiences

ALL of it!

Let them be an empty shell that YOU now get to decide what you experience from them.

Maybe they were:

● Shady

● Lying

● Cheating

● F-Boy/Girl

Or maybe they just didn't have any interest in you.

WELL, GUESS WHAT? Now they're

● Honest

● They communicate openly

● They share their feelings

● They only have eyes for you


THEM THAT YOU WANT. Now for some people, it's kind of hard to wrap their minds around this idea of stripping them of all their qualities and refilling them with new ones. They don't know how to take away that old story.


We all know that everything in the physical world is in particle form, it’s physical matter, and

we can manipulate it physically. If I have a pen, I can click the pen and get instant

gratification; I feel like I'm doing something. I can't manipulate things in the physical world once they’ve manifested, potentiality, from the other side of the mirror, whatever you want to call it where they could be absolutely anything I want them to be, but, once they pop up in our reality, they are what they are. I can click this pen, but I can't turn it from black ink to red ink. What I CAN DO is manifest a red ink version of it, taken from the energetic field. It's going to take a minute for it to materialize in my world or for me to stumble upon it, BUT IT WILL HAPPEN. I can get it, it just doesn't feel the same as me clicking this pen, where I FEEL like I'm doing something versus me WAITING for the pen to show up as something else.

So I want you to think about the version of your SP that's here now. This version of them is

the one that:

● Doesn't value you

● Doesn't put you first

● Lives across the country

● Is married to somebody else

Whatever it is, we know that we've chosen a version of them that's unavailable, and that’s

fine because we’re fixing it. Instead of you trying to change the pen from black ink to red ink, instead of you trying to change your person from the version of them that doesn't value you into a version of them that does, I want you to think about it as,

“No, I'm SELECTING the red ink version of this pen.”

This is my favorite pen in the world. I only write with these, and I specifically order them so I

KNOW there's a red version of this pen out there. I can conceptualize it. I know it's there. I

can manifest that red version, whether or not:

● It shows up my world randomly

● I order one on Amazon, and it comes in the mail tomorrow

● I go to Target today and get one

Either way, me getting the red version of that pen is not a problem.


So instead of you trying to change your SP from black ink to red, I want you to JUST SELECT

THE RED INK VERSION OF THEM FROM NOW ON. That's all you're doing. So you can cut

away this idea of changing them because THAT’S NOT WHAT YOU'RE DOING.

You're not changing them. In every moment we're choosing a new reality and a new version. What's happening is as you're filling up YOUR half of your circle, you are using QUANTUM SHIFTS to shift into new version of yourself who’s CHANGING, CHOOSING THINGS DIFFERENTLY, AND SETTING NEW STANDARDS. YOU ARE BECOMING A DIFFERENT VERSION OF YOU!


You have your mashed potatoes cooking, so you know EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED out of the relationship. You've got your gravy brewing, so you know EXACTLY WHICH VERSION OF YOUR SP YOU WANT. And your turkey has been in the oven GETTING ALL THE LOVE THAT IT NEEDS, so now the turkey is becoming better, tastier, juicer, and more succulent. Therefore, we want better gravy and better-mashed potatoes. We want everything to taste good. As you become a more whole version of yourself, you start selecting a better version of them and your circle becomes complete. The cool thing about Thanksgiving dinner is that it's a big smorgasbord. You can have green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, stuffing, rolls, all of that other stuff.

All of that other stuff represents every other part of your life,

● Rolls = your job

● Stuffing = your friends

● Cranberry Sauce = your family

While everything is cooking, we sprinkle our manifestations all over the place.

We put some here, we're doing this over here, we're putting the rolls in the oven, we're

getting the stuffing going - Everything is cooking all at once. And once it’s ready, is it not the best meal of the entire year?!

Remember, your life is Thanksgiving dinner. We cook all these things separate, but we

keep each of them in mind. We know what our end goal is; a beautiful, delicious harmonious meal where everybody is happy, satiated, loving, and appreciative. The turkey is the star of the show; it always is. The gravy complements everything, but it is its own thing, and it is DEFINITELY not the star of the show. DO NOT MAKE YOUR SP YOUR TURKEY.

You are the turkey, so be the BEST VERSION of that turkey that you could possibly be.

Fill up this half of the circle, so that not only are you filling your half of the circle, but you're

ALSO selecting a full half of your person so then the whole is just amazing.

“I am the star of the show.”

Add this to your SCRIPTING, and remember you are the turkey; they're the gravy.

They're not the star, YOU ARE, so make sure the turkey tastes good before we worry about

What's going on top of it. If you would like help figuring out your own SPECIFIC PERSON MANIFESTATION, check out my workshop or sign up for ONE-ON-ONE COACHING.

I've also got an entire MANIFESTING A SPECIFIC PERSON PLAYLIST you can listen to help keep your thoughts focused while you’re cooking this amazing Thanksgiving dinner.

We're all raising our vibration together.

You have the power, I believe in you.

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