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Hey Lover,

Manifesting a Specific Person (or even a stranger) is simple, but it's not always the easiest journey. While it can be a relatively smooth process when done properly, oftentimes those who are struggling to create or maintain the relationships they desire have deep-seated trauma, past history, and/or self-worth issues that get in the way of bringing in their desired person. My courses, videos, affirmations, and meditations are designed to help you break through your programming and manifest the greatest relationships into your life!

How to Manifest Someone

In order to flawlessly manifest the proper version of your desired person - yes, that means there are different versions - you must understand the power of your thoughts in this space-time reality. With near-infinite versions of your specific person in existence at this very moment, it is your job to energetically align to the frequency of your chosen or desired version, and then embody the energy of fulfillment in your life. That will bring any person to you as the version you desire. If this is the first time you are hearing this concept, you've got to check out my FREE Masterclass: 5 Secrets You Need To Know To Manifest A Specific Person...

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How much longer are you willing to wait for the relationship you DESIRE and DESERVE?!

Here's the deal, you are already an expert and flawless manifestor. However, you're SO good that you don't even realize that you're doing it. But in truth, every thought contributes to what becomes your 3D reality; and your fears, worries, doubts, and insecurities have been creating turmoil in your life for years. The cool thing is that when you work to heal the wounds within and change the stories that you are telling about how people treat you, everything can change. I worked with hundreds of manifestors to pinpoint the source of negativity in their relationships. Armed with this data, I developed an extremely powerful and extensive program that has helped TONS of people create incredible, lasting relationships. If you are ready to blast through your blocks and bring the perfect person into your life, you can dive in to my best-selling Manifest A Specific Person Workshop and begin attracting them RIGHT NOW!

Guided Meditation & Affirmations to Manifest          


If you already have someone but they aren't acting the way you'd like...

Not only is it possible to manifest a person into your life, it's also possible to change the behavior, beliefs, feelings, and desires of ANYONE! Your thoughts are creating your world in all moments of your consciousness. The concept you have of someone creates the rules for their behavior, and they, as a manifestation of yours, must act in accordance with your commands! The trick is not to get tripped up in how they appear in your 3D reality. YOU must REWRITE the story of who they are, and then you must MAINTAIN that new story in order to see long-term change. My Rewrite Your Specific Person Mini-Course will help you change the people around you with the power of your mind! 

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Manifest A Specific Person
Activity Book

Over 25 pages of fun activities and exercises to help you Manifest your Specific Person. Enjoy mad libs, crosswords, word searches, match games, affirmation creation, and more! Improve your mindset, and attract your ideal version of your favorite person! Manifesting doesn't have to be hard, and now it get to be even more fun!

Specific Person