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The Secrets and Truths About Self Love!

Although the term "self-love" can oftentimes sound superficial and cheesy, it is truly the groundwork for finding long-term happiness, inner peace, and thew ability to live your life to its fullest.

Self-love is all about the way you treat yourself, speak to yourself and view yourself. It is so important because your external world will always reflect the way you feel about yourself. Self-love sets the tone for our relationships and the daily joy we encounter throughout our lives. It allows us to chase our biggest dreams. Self-love re-connects us with our powerful, true, worthy and divine nature.

Go beyond the common, surface-level information available regarding self love. It is not just about self-care and taking care of your body, although that is one of the more important aspects of it. Real, true self-love is deeper than that. Real self-love is about fully embracing who you are... and allowing yourself to become more.

Self-love is being unapologetically authentic, allowing yourself to focus on your strengths and the gifts you’ve been blessed with, while simultaneously calling in the things you still desire... Doing all this while showing yourself kindness, compassion, and forgiveness, and being your own best friend and most reliable mentor.

You, alone, are in charge of taking action and committing to the inner groundwork needed to be able to blossom into your best self. A common misconception is that self-love is equal to selfishness. But, that couldn't be farther from the truth.

From a manifesting perspective, the entire world is simply just a reflection of us mirrored back to ourselves. Every belief we have, and whatever vibrational frequency we function at, is simply pushed back out at us, in the form of 3D world experiences.

So, the relationship that you have with yourself is extremely important, as it provides the blueprint for how everyone else will treat you. It is not selfish to want to feel loved and to love yourself. We can not wait for other people to approve of us or validate us!

Self-love is like a magnet. Confirm your worthiness and say you feel amazing, so the world can reflect the same energy back to you!

Real self-love is recognizing that your identity is a part of your soul, not just the body that you are in... And your soul is beautiful and wonderful. Real self-love is about accepting yourself for who you are, you don’t need to be perfect. You’re perfectly you and worthy of everything this world has to offer.

Your worth is innate. You don’t need to gain a bunch of followers or to become the richest person in the world. You don’t have to meet any standards, not from your parents, not from society, and not from anybody else. You don’t need to earn, nor prove your worth. We all move at different paces and we all make progress in different ways. Nobody can compete with You to be You. YOU are your best you!

Real self-love requires you to unapologetically claim your right to a life that is abundant, fulfilling, joyful, and filled with love! You don’t deserve a great life because you’ve proven yourself worthy, you deserve it simply because that is what you deserve, just as any other human here on Earth.

If you allow yourself to have all of these wonderful things and claim them, they will be yours. You simply have to allow it for yourself.

The most important relationship to maintain in this lifetime is the one that you have with yourself. At the end of the day, we will only truly have ourselves, so we have to make sure we nurture a relationship that is gentle, kind, and full of love. Self-love may not come naturally to you, but F*@% it, say that it does! Combined with patience and practice, you will achieve it.

There’s only ONE DAY left until my Self-Love & Deep Connection workshop and I really hope to see you there! Join me from 3PM to 5PM PST for live group coaching, a group support session, and powerful visualizations. Let’s uncover and reclaim your worth!

I go live every Monday with Q and A around 1PM PST on YouTube.

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