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Letting Go of Desire & Trusting the Universe (How to Detach)

How do you detach and let go of the need to see your manifestations come to pass, so that you can get out of the way and actually allow them to happen for you?

This is a huge topic in the manifesting community because it's something that will stand in the way of things coming to fruition.

Manifestation is the subtle art of letting things happen.

It's being able to take a step back, to understand your own power on a deep, intrinsic level, and to know that if you want it, if you select it, if you decide that it's in your reality, then it is going to come to you.

There’s no need to worry. There's no need to freak out. There's no need to keep meddling.

So what is detaching?

What does letting go mean?

I get these questions a lot.

The idea of letting go is the opposite of holding on tight. (I mean obvi, right?)

You know that feeling like when you want something to happen so bad, you can kinda tell that you're actually preventing it from happening?

That’s you meddling and essentially doing too much of the wrong stuff. Putting out feelings of lack and absence around the thing you want because you're trying so hard to manifest it.

That's what ends up pushing it away. It's YOUR energy (said with love).

You are conveying very loudly to the universe that you don't have what you want and it doesn't seem to be coming.

"Where is it?" "I want it now!" "I can't let go." "I can't figure it out." "How come it's not here yet???" "I'm doing all the right things and still nothing!"

These thoughts perpetuate the absence of your manifestations and the cycle continues.

The universe is a mirror and it can only reflect what you put in front of it. If you're not telling yourself, “I got it. I'm not questioning it", then you won't see that reflected back to you. Period.

👈🏼 Learn how to stop questioning and start allowing

In order to understand this concept, we need to separate ourselves from the idea that life is happening to us.

We want to make sure that we're not identifying as the lab rat but we're acting as lab technician. Meaning we're taking off our little lab rat suit, which is really cute and fuzzy, so we can put on our cute little lab coat and be science baddies.

We start paying attention and taking notes. We're conducting the experiment. We know where the cheese is. We know where the traps are. We know where the entrance and exit are. We are controlling the environment now.

We're not affected by what happens in our 3D because we see that it's just data, and we don't take offense to the data that comes through because it tells us where our minds have been.

Instead of being angry or victimized by our current situation, we say, “Thank you. I appreciate you for showing me exactly what I've been thinking. I won't curse you or be mad and hate you, because you're showing me exactly what energy I'm attracting. Thank you!”

We'll be discussing how to let go of the old version of you that is stuck in a pattern of limiting beliefs, while stepping into your own power, during my live workshop ➛

July 30th at 3PM PST. Tickets are available here. I invite you to connect with me and the community as we work together on releasing what is no longer serving us💕

Remember: You're not just the star of your movie... you're the director and also the screenwriter! You’re creating every moment of your story.

If you're wondering why the 3D World takes time to catch up to your thoughts - just think about how a script always comes before the actual movie... The movie never comes before the script!

So If you're changing the story of your life, doing rewrites, and waiting for your movie to change, then you must understand the script has to change first.

Here's how:

  • Get very clear on the story.

  • Don’t offer any wavering ideas until it shows up.

  • Remember: Everything is data. It's nothing to be affected or offended by. A lot of people allow their self-worth to be affected by it, don't be one of them.

  • Don’t continuously stress out by noticing the absence and indulging in the feeling of lack. Know that it is on the way because you are creating your world in every second and this is a world where you're confident that it's coming to you.

It's important to understand how energy behaves so you can use the forces already-at-hand in nature and go with the grain, instead of against it.

Imagine the differences between a Rolls-Royce and a Hyundai. Whether you perceive that one is more valuable than the other is irrelevant to their ability to transport you. However, each one still needs to be driven in order to be operated.

Someone needs to press on the gas to make it go, and press on the brake so it will stop and not hit stuff. The worth of these vehicles does not matter when it comes to basic functionality. Rather, it is the operation of the machine that makes it work.

The Universe is going to supply you with an exact mirror of what you expect, feel, think, and believe, whether you think you're good or bad, smart or dumb, rich or poor, hot or not. Just like with the cars, the operation is in the action of thinking, not in the value of the thinker.

So all you need to do in order to get everything you want is to hold your focus on a reality where it's yours already and not allow anything to sway your opinion about whether or not you will get it.... cuz you will get it!

Everything on this planet is energy, including You, your Specific Person, money, your job, the car you want - ALL of it.

If you understand how energy behaves, and know that paying attention and staying focused on something until it shows up in your world is the natural flow of life, then you can do that regardless if you think you're worthy or not.

It’s not about worth, but functionality. Can you follow the instructions? Can you stick to a plan? I know you can!

So in that case, you can manifest whatever you want. Don't forget, you're the Lab Tech, not the lab rat. We're not wasting time and energy worrying about getting zapped by the traps or eating the cheese. We're designing the maze. We're choosing what we want to experience and then letting the experiment unfold so it can do what it does best.

Remember that you're doing it all. You're writing every letter of the story in every moment, so only describe things in the way you want them to go.

Manifesting is easy. It happens all day, every day. You’ve got this. There's nothing to worry about! You are in control.

If you decide you want something, then tell yourself, “I am the version of me that allows it to come through. I am the version of me that's not standing in my way. I'm the version of me that understands their place as the creative force in this world and there's nothing that I could do to knock me off of that role. No matter what, good or bad, I will always be creating my world so I better get with the program NOW”.

This is where your mind needs to be. This mindset will make everything in your world manifest for you.

If you want to see other people just like you manifesting their dreams, join my Facebook group, Black Moon Society. People in our community are doing all kinds of amazing things! We're all helping each other manifest and keeping each other accountable.

You can also download my 30 days of alignment challenge. It's completely free and it's what helped me change my mindset from negative and angry, to a much better, much happier version, who is much more at peace with life💗

If you want to speak to me directly, you can sign up for one-on-one coaching as well. We can discuss your specific issues surrounding letting go. I will help you figure out what is standing in your way so you can change your limiting beliefs and get on the path to manifesting all the amazing things that you want for yourself.

I also go live every Monday on my YouTube Channel with Q and A around noon-ish PST.

If you know someone out there who could benefit from this info, please share this post! This helps us reach as many people as possible and everyone deserves to know that they are in complete control of their reality.

We're all raising our vibration together. You have the power! I believe in you!

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