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10 Journal Prompts To Let Go and Live Freely

Are you someone who struggles with letting go? Do you constantly find yourself dwelling on the past? Letting go of something you care about or have gotten used to in your life is never easy.

Our desperate attempts to hold onto the things that are familiar and safe limit our capacity to experience all that life has to offer.

I know it can feel hard, but we have to learn to let go of the thoughts, people and things that are holding us back! We can't expect to learn and grow by repeating the same behaviors that limited us before. In order to move on and become the best versions of ourselves, we must let go of what prevents that.

One great way to gain clarity and reset your mindset is through journaling. This can be done by physically writing in a journal, answering the prompts in your head, or even typing them into a document on your computer. There's no right or wrong way to journal properly.

Go deep into the subject as far as you can, letting the thoughts flow freely. Journal prompts allow you to reflect and think about your choices and decisions. The goal is to reap as much greatness from this life as possible, so if there's anything you have considered dropping or want to see changed, use these questions to help you uncover what may be in the way.

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10 Journal Prompts that can help you process your feelings and let go of the negative ones that are standing as a blockage to your growth:

  1. When I think of the phrase "letting go" what is the first thought or feeling that comes to mind? What do I think and feel about the process of letting go of something?

  2. Do my negative thoughts and feelings affect my life? In what ways? How can I change this?

  3. Today, I choose to let go of the things in my life that no longer serve me, especially...

  4. Why am I holding on to this so tightly?

  5. Why do I seek safety rather than spontaneity?

  6. Name three long-term changes to make in order to let go and allow yourself to move on.

  7. Why do I find it hard to make space in my life for good experiences and circumstances?

8. What causes me to worry? How can I combat it?

(I discuss how to STOP that here➛)

9. Name 3 ways I have grown from past failures, struggles and experiences.

10. Where does my need to control every situation stem from? How can I change this?

Use the answers you get from these prompts to gain insight that will help remove your internal blocks. Take the time to feel, understand, and process your emotions and thoughts, even the negative ones. Then relinquish the need to continue down this road, allowing yourself to break free from your limiting mindset and become the best version of yourself ever!

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