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Manifest A Specific Person

Manifest A Specific Person

Get to the bottom of your own limiting beliefs in love and relationships (and more)! This course is designed to help you locate the source of the patterns and cycles you keep experiencing with the people in your world so you can change your life, FOR GOOD!

Confident AF

Confident AF

If you could be any version of yourself, what would that look like? Uncover the root cause of your insecurities so you can show up in a more fulfilling, confident way. Step into your true potential and learn how to embody the YOU you've always wanted to be!

30 Days of Alignment

30 Days of Alignment

30 Days of lessons and guidance to lead you on the path of total alignment with your Ideal Self. Aligning with your ideal version means you are able to beat your limiting beliefs and manifest all of the good things you want for yourself. Peace, love, positivity and abundance await!



Your All-Access Pass to Your Dreams! This incredible membership gives you access to EVERY course, every workshop, every group program, every paid Master Training, every meditation, every affirmation, PLUS a private community, AND an exclusive manifestation content library!

Start manifesting your dream life TODAY! Transform your life on your own time. Each of my self-study courses offers a DEEP DIVE into your core issues, while simultaneously helping you rewrite the subconscious programming that manifests into the negative circumstances of your world. Change starts NOW!


Mini-courses offer you immense value in a short amount of time. These trainings include relpays from my LIVE programs and events that are too good to miss. Ranging from 2-6 hours worth of content, each mini-course packs a punch and will teach you incredibly powerful principles in bite-size portions!

Love & Money

Love & Money Mini Course

Lucky Me Syndrome

Lucky Me Syndrome Mini Course

Put Yourself On The Pedestal (3)

Put Yourself On The Pedestal Mini Course

Kajabi Landing Page Banner Format (1280 × 720 px) (4)

Mental Diet 101 Mini Course

Scripting Bundle

Scripting Bundle Mini Course

EPIC Meditation Master Training Replay

EPIC Meditations Master Training Replay

New Year, New You Master Training Replay

New Year, New You Master Training Replay

Rewrite Your SP Master Training (1280 × 720 px)

Rewrite Your Specific Person Master Training Replay

Move The Fuck On Master Training Replay

Move The Fuck On Master Training Replay

Rollin' In Dough 1280x720 (1)

Rollin' In Dough Master Training Replay

Taking Massive Action Mini Course

Taking Massive Action Mini Course

Pass The Test Branding (1280 × 720 px)

Pass The Test Master Training Replay

letting go (1280 × 720 px)

Fu@k The Bull$hit: Letting Go Mini Course

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