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live sp workshop

Hey Roxy, I just wanted to say thank you. I stumbled upon your videos a week ago. And let me tell you, I have tried, manifesting a specific person many times in the past. But it's never worked. This time, I've really been doing what you suggested and focusing on myself. Within a day of attending your seminar, my SP went from asking for space, to being i. contact with me all day long, and wanting to spend excessive amounts of time with me. Anyway, THANK YOU again!! You truly have a gift.

Matthew S.


“Roxy I love you so much! I used to see my SP every morning on my way to work. He was a stranger but when we would see each other sparks flew and when I made up my mind to try to talk to him there was a construction thing going on and everybody had to commute differently. I lost my SP over a year ago, didn’t see him ever again and then I started watching your videos over two weeks ago and applied your teachings and I kid you not...there he was standing casually in front of a shop near my week ago!!! After I found your channel, it was such a shocking moment that I couldn’t believe it but now I know how easy it is to bring him into my life and I know he had been looking for me all this time as well. Aah! I am just so thankful for you. You reminded me of my power!”


Sarah @growmemyevergreen IG


I just want to say to everyone. I have been using Roxy’s methods. No joke, they work to the “T”, loves. I have my man. He is absolutely so in love with me. We hang out every day. He is so in love with me and shows it. Like in a cute healthy clingy way, but not like an unhealthy clingy. I’m absolutely happy. Listen and follow exactly what Roxy says. Watch her videos and like them ‘cause who wouldn’t? They rock and she rocks. Roxy, thank you so much. I am so happy I found you in a time when I needed it the most. You are a universe’s blessing in my life and I’m grateful to have found your videos. 


Ashlie Merritt - YouTube Comments

black moon 

“This has been a year in the making. Last year this time was a mess between us. As of Wednesday 7/9/20 my SP and I are officially in UNION!!!! He even called me today to wish me a wonderful day at work just to tell me he LOVES ME. My SP showed up y’all. I’m glad I just continued working on myself to heal. That amazon order I placed with the Universe arrived. My SP is madly in love with me. He is happy, healthy and whole. Manifesting your SP is real. The one meant to be with you will be. What’s yours is yours and can never be removed. And believe me I tried...and my SP is my true North. I’ve done A LOT of self healing, self care, self love work. Divine timing is real. Love is real. The Universe has my/your back. It exists. Happy Manifesting!”


Paula Marie Lopez - Black Moon Society

saturday sermon

Just wanted to express my gratitude for the sermon yesterday. It was very emotional for me. I did not realize how much some of those questions needed to be asked. I am working through all of it. I enjoyed it and will try to make it to them every Saturday that I can. 

Tiffany Jenkins

black moon

“Success story! So... September exams are online this year due to Covid-19. My goal was to pass 7/7 subjects in this examination period. There was this specific subject that I hadn't studied for that much. This subject's professor is really strict and mean. He usually gives grades under 5/10 if you haven't studied much, so that you have to try again for the same subject in the next examination period. As I said, I hadn't studied that much plus I didn't know the questions that were eventually asked. There was also a “punishment". It was an online multiple choice exam. If you answered something and it was wrong, a grade from the right answer would be lost. Having said all this, I also have to say that the time of the exam was at 8 a.m.. I was really tired and sleepy! So this exam finished and I wasn't really satisfied with myself. After some days, the professor sent us an e-mail. He said that every student who had their camera turned off during the exam, would have to explain why and their online grade wouldn't be considered. They would have to go to the university and the professor would ask them questions about the subject face to face. I HAD MY CAMERA TURNED OFF DURING THE EXAM, but I didn't pay any attention to the email. I was like, ‘I hadn't really studied anyway.’ But I kept affirming that I will have passed 7/7. Yesterday was the first night I scripted in my new notebook with the "Decisions Determine Destiny" cover (I had scripted before, but not every night and mostly general affirmations and sp stuff.) So yesterday I affirmed again that I will have passed 7/7. And guess what? After all of that, I saw today that my grade was 6.5/10 in this subject!!!!!!!!! I passed and I didn't even get a 5/10, but a 6.5/10!!!! And this professor is really strict and I also had my camera turned off and hadn't really studied and there was "punishment"!!!! EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE GUYS!!! JUST KEEP AFFIRMING, BELIEVE IT, TRY, BUT DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!!! Don't stress out in the thought that it might not come true. You don't even have to care about that possibility.”


Kopíva Mapávotou - Black Moon Society

saturday sermon

I've been abducted to Roxy's planet for one hour and I just came back down to Earth. She led an amazing session, so different from her usual stuff online.

It was one hour on Zoom, where she opened up the space and welcomed our feelings as they were, followed by a peaceful and grounding meditation, written exercises, scripting affirmations and powerful intending.

Everyone was in tune...and so chilled, yet so focused.. It felt like I was in a room, in a circle, with my tribe and we were co-working as conscious manifesters. Everyone was concentrated and breathing together, tapping into our higher selves.

I've always known she was a badass coach, but I didn't know she was such an amazing facilitator for this kind and subtle work. I'm well impressed and surprised, and I couldn't be more grateful!

I super recommend it if you guys wanna join next Saturday!

Have a wonderful week and may your manifestations bloom in their divine timing!


Bárbara Santos - Black Moon Society

black moon

“Former SP unfolding after TWO YEARS and me giving up on him a month or so ago. Attachment and TRYING plus denial kept me stuck. Funny thing is, I’m good. Keeping my options open. Maybe. Maybe not. He’s the one chasing now. He used to ghost me, not reply to me, now he’s crazy about me. Of course he is! I’m gorgeous, unique and amazing. The sooner you let go, the better!”


Louisiana Annamaria - Black Moon Society

live sp workshop

Recently I had been really struggling overcoming fears and doubts in relation to my SP showing up for me in the way that I want him to. Not hearing from him was seriously getting to me. After attending Roxy's Live SP Workshop, I immediately felt a huge shift within me. She made the process sound so simple and side note...that is because it is that simple! Roxy really brought to the light all of the things I had been telling myself that have been holding me apart from my manifestation. Applying the tools and exercises she gave everyone during the workshop, I fully dedicated myself to my new story. I scripted it, laid down, closed my eyes and imagined him contacting me and I kid you not, only a few hours later my SP texted me! I burst into laughter with pure joy! And not only did he show up, but he was more talkative than ever and expressed his desire to wanna see me and make plans with me! When you show up and do the work, your SP will show up too! Thank you, Roxy!! 


Dena LaBarbera

black moon


I really have to think Roxy for her channel and this community for bringing together so much energy towards my manifestation goals.  I’m sitting here online looking at the physical manifestation of my dream apartment, that I literally visualized in a dream and had yet to see in physical reality.

I manifested my move out of state, and my new job which was a transfer of my old one. And I’ve JUST been informed less than an hour ago that I got the full-time position for the second job I was trying to go for, my dream career literally just started!

I am quietly literally now in the financial category to afford my dream apartment too!

I just went from 15 minutes ago crying over the fact that I found MY apartment and it wasn’t affordable, to being told I will be compensated at my new job with more than enough to be able to afford my dream place. I go to see it tomorrow and I know the rest of the process will be flawless 

I’ve cried so hard with such happy tears. I literally thought I was going to give up today. When it seems bleak you guys, just push through!!  the universe really has our back!!


Nicole Welker - Black Moon Society 


My Sp and I were friends for over 10 years and decided to get into a relationship. We dated for two years but we fought a lot, it got toxic, and eventually a third party got into the mix. We hated each other and he wanted nothing to do with me. We decided it would be best for us to separate for a while to work on ourselves because being friends or on any speaking terms was only causing us problems and more harm than good. 


During this time of separation I stumbled across many LOA YouTube channels ( including yours). I started with self love affirmations every single day and night. Soon as I woke up I would go outside and ground myself in nature. Then I began learning about scripting. First I want to write a new story. I wrote that I was confident, strong, sexy and a bomb ass goddess. I only attract what I want in my life and it comes quick! I then rewrote my SP. I said that he is so kind, caring, loving, passionate, he texts me everyday, call me every day, that I’m his priority and in the only woman he will ever want and needs in his life. He wants commitment with me and is completely loyal to me and only me. 


4-5 months go by. I decided I would take action and message him if he wants to go out for lunch. I began acting as if the third party wasnt a threat or exists because I intended a tall handsome loving man would come sweep her off her feet and she be incredible happy with a new person I send her way. He said yes. We went out, he brought me lunch haha and we joked around for a few hours then went out separate ways. Next time we hung out we decided to hang out outside of work. He took me out to dinner and then we walked and viewed the sunset together. He took my hand into his and we drove back to my house. We talked for a few hours. Then he randomly picked me up and kissed me so passionately looked me in my eyes and said I love you. 


On one of recent dates we went to a sky line to over look the city. He could not keep his hands off me! He kept hugging me, hold my hand, kissing my cheek and forehead, telling me how happy he is whenever he’s with me. And that everyday he working on himself so he can provide for us. He even brought up that he ready to get married and have a baby with me in couple of years.


Your channel has helped me so much understanding my blocks and releasing my fears I had. I never thought me and him would be friends again or get back together. Especially how fresh and new everything feels. He showing up exactly how I imagined him to and everyday we are becoming more happier everyday and creating our new chapter and story.



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