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Become a Conduit for Wealth & Abundance and vibrate to the frequency of MORE THAN ENOUGH!💰

Here is your key to the door of infinite possibility…  Command wealth to replenish and multiply in your presence like magic.


Abundance VIBES is an energetic experience designed to get you vibrating with the frequency of your most abundant self. Use all of the components of the VIBES experience every day so that you may manifest your ideal life now!



Rollin' In Dough Affirmations Mega Deluxe Edition

  • Rollin' in Dough Affirmation Album

  • Rollin' in Dough Affirmation Cards pdf


Rollin' in Dough Extended Play - 1-hour tracks (6 hours of music!)


Meditation for Welcoming in Abundance - 35  minutes long! 

Activity Book

Rewrite Your Money Story 30 page Activity Book


5-minute Massive Abundance VIBES Rampage 


Rollin' In Dough Phone Wallpaper

Abundance VIBES

$129.00 Regular Price
$88.00Sale Price
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