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5 Steps to Find YOUR Passion!

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Embracing the world of true abundance might not happen over night. In order to master the vibration of abundance, you must understand & relinquish your perceived doubts, acknowledge and honor your desired callings, and take daily actions that bring you towards these goals!

Finding what drives you can be a fun process of self-discovery. It revolves around you - learning about yourself, loving yourself, and most importantly, being yourself. Have you given yourself the permission to be who you truly are?

You’re allowed to focus on yourself. You’re allowed to love the things you do. You’re allowed to chase whatever sets your soul ablaze!!! You’re also allowed to not-quite-know what lights you up yet. But, I challenge you to discover what that is for you. From there, you have to put in "the work" to integrate that into your daily life.

Putting in "The Work" looks like:

Empowering Yourself -This involves utilizing positive self-talk (meaning NOT engaging in negative self-talk), maintaining your determination & motivation, and showing yourself unconditional love. You deserve to treat yourself well!

Trusting Yourself - This involves being a good advocate for your own well-being. You are the only person who knows what works best for you! Listen to your mind and your heart, and then follow through for yourself! Stability in your world comes from commitment within.

Prioritizing Yourself - This involves caring for yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Establish and commit to a self-care routine. Give yourself the space to really get to know yourself. Care for yourself. Do the things you love to do and observe the way you feel in this bliss without any judgment! More time spent in this space automatically equals more bliss manifested and less BS manifested.

It may be time for you to heal more deeply

than you've allowed yourself to in the past. My brand new Heal & Transform Workshop Bundle is perfect for clearing out the old and making space for a wonderful new beginning. Shed the old story and become the new you!

Your life's purpose is ultimately reflected in how you choose to live each and every day. Do you align with the things you value most in life? Or are you aligned to another destiny?

If you’re not aligned to what you want, make some changes NOW!

I invite you to use the following journal prompts that will help you discover your unique gifts and talents, and see how you can apply them to achieve your goals in life! ...And feel free to leave in the comments, any revelations you discovered during your journaling session!

Need extra guidance?

Schedule some time to speak with me 1-on-1 here.


You've got this!

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