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ep 208: How To Strengthen Your

Intuition, Psychic Abilities, & Manifesting Power

air date: 1/13/21

This episode of Roxy Talks is all about the unseen and tapping into the energies available on planet Earth.


I get asked so often about my own experience with my psychic abilities and also how YOU can unlock your own gifts. 


Tune into your psychic powers and strengthen your abilities using the tips and tricks in this week's episode.

What does your intuition tell you?

ep 207: Letting go of the past:

advanced quantum Manifestation 

air date: 1/6/21

This week we are going down the rabbit hole of time and the nature of the past and the present.


I know so many people struggle with defining themselves by experiences and trauma from their past and it can be hard to let go of these notions sometimes. 


Find out why the past is completely irrelevant, and hear some past trauma related questions answered for Dear Roxy, in this week's episode.

Time to get weird!

ep 206: Rewriting Your Specific Person & Changing Your Story!

air date: 12/30/20

In this week's episode we're talking about how YOU can head back to the drawing board and change the narrative about your Specific Person in order to manifest them the way that you want them to be!


Rewriting the story of your Specific Person is EASY... you can even use this process to rewrite YOURSELF so you can manifest the life you've always wanted!


A new-improved You and SP are just around the corner!

Who will you be tomorrow?

ep 205: holidays in quarantine: Manifestation Guide

air date: 12/23/20

In this episode I'm giving you tips for getting through  the holidays in this unprecedented time.


This year, many people won't be able to spend the holidays with the people they care about. Others have to spend it with people who trigger them in some way or another. Even more, many people are spending this time alone. 


Get my best tips, hear a client success story about manifesting a specific holiday outcome, plus learn about your burning questions in Dear Roxy, in this week's episode.

Happy Holidays!

ep 204: Practical Manifesting: Habits of an expert manifestor

air date: 12/15/20

In this episode I'm getting personal and discussing why I'm pulling focus away from YouTube😱


I'm also talking about what you can do to make your manifesting practices practical and normal for you!


Plus, in our newest segment Dear Roxy, I'm answering your most sought after questions regarding manifestation! This time I'm answering why things seem to stall after you've seen positive momentum with a manifestation.



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