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New Episodes Wednesdays @ 9AM PST

In this episode, I'm sharing my opinion on whether robotic affirming is effective, how long you should keep doing it, and the process I've been using to manifest changes in my own body. I also share the insights that helped me leap from a soul-sucking job into the creation of my own business.

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Many members of our amazing community frequently ask how they can take the leap from working a traditional "steady" job into the unknown territory of business ownership. In this episode, I share my own story of starting with nothing and how I managed to create a successful coaching business within just a few months! This is what lead to the development of my signature 360° Method! If I can do it, so can YOU!

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Self-Doubt chains you to an old story that continues repeating in your reality causing you to settle for less than you deserve. But once you learn to truly embrace your uniqueness and share yourself authentically with the world, everything shifts. I've done it and in this episode, I'm sharing the tips I used to manifest commitment, my own business, and the unshakeable confidence to persist in my goals no matter what life throws at me.

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ep 294: Letting Go & How To Do It With Ease!🥰
air date: 11/30/22

In this episode, we're talking about what letting go really is, why letting go doesn't mean you can't or never will have it, how the FEAR of losing something is what keeps you from manifesting it, and explain why it's essential to stop clinging so tightly to what you so desperately want.

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ep 293: How To Stop Sabotaging Your Manifestations!
air date: 11/23/22

In this episode, I am discussing self-sabotage - what it looks like, how it affects your career & relationships, and what happens when you're feeling overwhelmed by the flood of opportunities that suddenly show up for you as a result of your persistent practice. Most of my content is focused on HOW to get what you want and in this episode, we're going to talk about what to do AFTER you get it!

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ep 292: Use Scripting to powerfully manifest your specific person
air date: 11/15/22

Do you want a different relationship with someone in your life? Are you ready to create a new story, but aren't exactly sure how to do it? In this episode, I'm going to dive deeper into the practice of scripting AND rewriting a specific person so you can harness the power of these two compatible concepts.

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ep 291: How To Confidently Manifest ANYTHING You Want With Ease
air date: 11/9/22

Confidence is knowing. Confidence is certainty. Confidence isn't a question.  In this episode, I'm explaining the importance of digging deep to find out where you are self-sabotaging and limiting what IS truly possible for you.

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ep 290: MASTERING Your Self-Concept: THE Key 🗝️ To Unlocking Your Desires
air date: 11/2/22

Self-Concept is power. In this episode, I break down the importance of mastering your self-concept in order to manifest everything you desire. I how to give your self-concept a much-needed boost!

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Boundaries are so important for allowing you to not only become your ideal self but do it in the healthiest, most productive way while still maintaining beautiful relationships.


So many of us are operating with really murky boundaries, while some of us don't have any at all. In this episode, I'm going to be discussing HOW to create healthy boundaries in a sustainable way that actually FEELS good.

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Did you have a bad dream that has you spiraling? Are you worried that a nightmare may be masquerading as a premonition? In this episode, I'm going to be talking about dreams, what they mean, and how they relate to manifesting.

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In this episode, I'll be discussing how to deal with the pain we sometimes experience in our romantic relationships as the result of unhealed trauma. There are moments when we have to decide if it's worth continuing down this same path or starting over on our own. What we often fail to understand is that we are recreating patterns that developed as the result of other people's baggage. But the truth is, we have the power to set ourselves FREE.

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You gotta forgive yourself, right now. That thing you want, that dream you have, your biggest manifestation - you deserve it! Stop feeling guilty for wanting what you want. Listen as we chat about dismantling the bullsh*t you heard growing up, why guilt is actually preventing you from receiving, and finally setting your own standards!

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Unintended stuff shows up sometimes🤷🏼‍♀️ The Universe has a big bag of tricks and you'll never truly know what all is inside. Be prepared for the ride, no matter what it looks like. This might be a "test" and turn out to be exactly where you are supposed to be. Keep your story solid, be prepared and ready for anything, and your manifestations are surely coming your way.

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Any shake-up to your mindset will cause a shake-up in your 3-D world. Your thoughts create your reality, embrace it - accept it - protect yourself - and hold tight to your story. In this episode, we chat about rewriting your story often and aligning yourself to the ideal version of YOU. You can do ANYTHING!

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 If you don’t feel deserving of what is coming your way, your mind can tell you to do all sorts of things to ruin it. STOP. You deserve it all. This week is all about pushing through the thoughts that make it feel impossible. You GOT THIS!

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Make peace and affirm🙏🏼 Tune in as we chat about the concept of reality and why your thoughts drive your manifestations, how to DECIDE things are on the way,  how to not let a bad day or a sad mood stop you, and even how to bring some love to the shit that doesn't bring you joy!

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Shut down your thoughts in real-time when they start to derail you. Sometimes we have to ignore the 3D and use the cornerstones of my 360 method - awareness and discipline - to get back on track. Tune in as we talk about why when something goes wrong, you should look at it as the exception and not the rule. I also share a story about healing your physical body and the 4-step process that worked for me when I was dealing with a health issue last year.

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On the podcast this week, we talk about why it’s your mind that needs a glow-up, NOT your appearance. You are beautiful and you need to start talking about yourself in the way you want to see yourself. I share some visualization tips, why small victories are actually really big ones and how to push past fear and resistance, and rewrite your story of lack.

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Are you ready to feel WORTHY?! On the podcast this week, I talk about practicing knowing, not practicing NOT knowing and why visualizing ALL your desirable options is helping The Universe help You. I also talk about being tested in our manifestations and my new acronym which is something you are going to want in your toolbox when it comes to relationships and love!

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ep 278: Signs That Your Manifestation Is Near! ⛵ Synchronicities | Affirmations | Clarity
air date: 08/10/22

Pay attention to what the universe is showing you. In this episode, I share what I saw in the middle of the ocean that absolutely floored me. I also explain installing and repeating affirmations that you want to accept into your psyche, why jealousy is a killer of your manifestations, and why getting clear on what you want is the only way The Universe can respond.

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ep 277: How To Manifest The ONE Thing You Can't Seem To Get!😩 ~ Mindset Monday Summer Series
air date: 08/3/22

"I have EVERYTHING… but that one thing." If you've found yourself saying this in your manifestation work, tune in this week. Hear why this type of talk is actually prolonging your lack and how to shift your story. I also talk about the concept of manifesting for others. Think it's possible? Don't miss this episode! Come and find out.

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ep 276: ❤️‍🩹Heal Your Past & Become Your Best Self! ~ Mindset Monday Summer Series
air date: 07/27/22

You can’t change what has happened to you, it never gets magically erased, but what you can do is shift who you are because of what you've experienced and who you'll be now.

This week on the podcast, I explore the notion that healing and forgiveness is a lifelong journey.  Where there is dedication, there is forward movement.

Remember, you get to constantly reevaluate if you want to stay on the same path, even if you've manifested yourself here to begin with. It’s all up to you.

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ep 275: Become Magnetic 🧲 Attract WHATEVER You Want ~ Mindset Monday Summer Series
air date: 07/20/22

Are you radiating repellent or magnetic energy? Whether your struggles are around money or love, the energy you give off is the energy you receive. Tune in this week as we chat about why letting go is not giving up, how to tell yourself the story you need, how to create your own positive affirmations, and why you should take what you resist and turn it into something you love!

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ep 274: The REAL Reason They Aren't Contacting You 🖐️ 🎤 ~ Mindset Monday Summer Series
air date: 07/13/22

On the podcast this week, we talk about: controlling your language, why saying you have no contact with your Specific Person is a big problem, how to keep your mental diet on point, and why your thoughts are simply a potential future, not reality.

If things aren't aligning the way you want, tune into this episode and get back on track. When you work on the solution and get past your barriers, you can buckle up for one hell of a ride! ... and I'm here every step of the way with you!

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ep 273: Hack Your Affirmations & Manifest FASTER! ~ Mindset Monday Summer Series
air date: 07/06/22

In this episode, we talk about why your affirmations might not be working, the problem when manifesting from lack, why every thought is really an affirmation, and what to do when you feel unworthy in your journey.

Listen in to find out exactly how to tweak your focus to manifest big changes in your world!

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ep 272: How To KEEP Your Manifestations ~ Mindset Monday Summer Series
air date: 06/29/22

In this episode, we talk about how to keep your manifestations and what to do when doubt starts to creep in (even when you start to get what you want).

This is about learning to trust yourself... and The Universe.

You are doing the work and it's incredible. Believe in it and keep going. This episode also features some love talk, self-love concepts, and how to live in a universe of reflection.

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ep 271: How To Manifest Effortlessly By Just BEING ~ Mindset Monday Summer Series
air date: 06/22/22

This week we're talking about inspired action and how to manifest by "being".  During the course of your manifestation journey, you'll come across things you won't want to do or things you think you can't do.

This is when you'll be called to take inspired action, moving in alignment with your dreams in a deliberate manner. Find out how to take those actions and one simple exercise you can do today to get started!

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ep 270: Behind The Coaching: The Roxy Talks Story 🎤 ~ Mindset Monday Summer Series
air date: 06/14/22

This week on the podcast, not only am I answering your questions, I'm sharing my own story about how I got to the place I am today. And funnily enough, this was NOT the original plan! I was a singer, moving to LA to pursue music and after lots of twists and turns, talking to a psychic, and doing lots of research, a new path began to emerge. Tune in to hear the tale!

I also chat about obsessive thinking, letting go, manifesting your SP, and discuss free will and how we can all be manifesting together and still see different, personal results.

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ep 269: Manifesting Through Difficult Circumstances - Mindset Monday Summer Series
air date: 06/08/22

Be okay with what you are not okay with! This is a big challenge and we talk about it on the podcast this week. I explain why it pays to have a system in place and how to use it when you start to spiral or feel really down. It's easy, you can do it right away and it's a tool that will benefit you for your long-term journey.

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ep 268: My Manifestation Secrets 🤫 ~ Mindset Monday Summer Series
air date: 06/01/22

On the podcast this week, I'm answering YOUR questions. I discuss everything from taking action vs. doing nothing, share my personal mediation process, and explain why you need to switch and shift when negativity starts taking over.


These questions come from our weekly live stream Q&A. I love listening to what you are curious about and sharing why the 360 method applies to it all.

If you're ready to shift your mindset one day at a time, check out my 30-Days of Alignment Bootcamp for daily videos from me sharing all of the tools I used to overhaul my thoughts!


ep 267: Top 3 Tips To Super Charge Your Manifestations 🚀
air date: 05/25/22

On the podcast this week, I share the 3 manifestation tips you wished you learned sooner and break down each one into detail. #1 is a biggie and it has to do with thoughts vs. feelings. #2 is something you've heard before, but have you really listened? #3 is about how to deal with one pesky thing that is going to keep popping up. When you focus on these three tips, you grow right along with your manifestations!

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ep 266: Mindset Cleanse & Spiritual Detox: How To Get Back In The Flow
air date: 05/18/22

In this week’s podcast episode we talk about the effect of relying on your old programming and why it keeps you stuck in the pursuit of your real desires. I share why and how you can identify what is blocking you and how to get your mind back into a state of flow.


To detox negative energy, a spiritual cleanse is vital. Tune in to explore what that looks like and how to practice the process of letting go.

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ep 265: Top 3 Reasons why your Manifestation is Taking Too Long...
air date: 05/11/22

In this week’s episode, I share the Top 3 Reasons why your manifestations are taking a long time. Listen as I break down the reasons, tell you why they are stopping or slowing your progress, and give you action steps to erase this pattern of thinking.


You are a mirror. You have all the ability to create exactly what you want inside of you. Don't let these three things get in your way ever again.

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ep 264: There Is No Manifestation Privilege: IT WORKS FOR everyone, EVERY TIME!
air date: 05/04/22

There is no manifesting privilege. It works for everyone. When you consistently focus on what hasn't worked or what hasn't manifested instead of what you have right now, you put yourself into a mindset of negativity.

In this episode, learn to stop labeling your unproductive habits as inability and get started on a path of real growth. You're selecting your next reality. Make it the one you want.

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ep 263: Become A Manifestation MASTER! 🧙 w/ The 360˚ Method
air date: 04/27/22

You are the What and the Now, not the When or the How. That is HUGE to accept and understand. In this episode, learn why your responses to what happens to you are SO incredibly powerful.

Do you consistently think and act as the ideal you? Or are you letting negative and recurring thoughts take over? The reality you’re looking at right now and the way you react to it equals your future moments. This is practiced work, but as long as you recognize it faster and affect how you react quicker, you win!

Join me for a FREE Masterclass on May 11, 2022 at 4PM PST where I'll be showing you how to identify and transform the limiting beliefs that are blocking the reality you desire.

ep 262: The Secret To Getting Whatever You Want | Manifest Your Dream Life!
air date: 04/20/22

Release limiting beliefs and lessen the actions, behaviors, thoughts, and patterns that reinforce your insecurities.


In this episode, learn why self-love is the key to unlocking everything you've ever dreamed of and how to look at the world as the ideal you. You are worthy of it all. Do you believe in yourself?!

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ep 261: Find Your Ideal & Authentic Self by Thinking Like A Monk! Jay Shetty Book Review
air date: 04/13/22

Do you reeeeally want it? Are you sure??? Is that your ego talking, or You talking? I mean the real you, the authentic you. Our Book Club of the Now book, Think Like A Monk By Jay Shetty, will help you answer these questions.

In this episode, we're discussing how it can help you nail down your passion and a purpose, so you can get to the heart of your authenticity, and determine what really drives You vs. what your ego says drives you.

Read along with the community and share your takeaways in our forum.

My 360˚ Method is coming very soon to guide you along the journey of becoming your ideal self while building your most authentically You life. Click here to signup for updates and to get an invitation to my FREE limiting beliefs masterclass happening next month.

ep 260: Create a Manifesting LIFESTYLE : How To ALLOW Yourself to Succeed!
air date: 04/06/22

It’s time to set new standards. It’s time to commit to lifelong work for lifelong change. This week’s podcast is about maintaining the process. You don’t stop when you get your manifestation.

You are always manifesting. Don’t you want more? There are other versions of you that already exist, and are living the life you want. Tap into their mindset. You are a human your whole life, so there’s no end to pain, fears, triggers, doubt, worry, or stress. You have to be ahead of that stuff. Do the work through it all, no matter what.

My signature program, The 360˚ Method, is coming to help you transform your life! Click here to get periodical updates as it officially launches, and get your invitation to the FREE Limiting Beliefs Masterclass!

ep 259: Owning Your GOD-Like POWER to Create! | Coaching Session w/ Community Member Tiffany!
air date: 03/23/22

On the podcast this week, we have another live 1:1 coaching session, this time with community member and #MindsetMonday moderator Tiffany!

Tiffany is open, vulnerable, and really lets us in on some of her personal experiences in her struggle with the concept of being an extension of God, and what that means for her. If you've ever felt unworthy or disconnected in your life, tune in. Tiffany's story will inspire you to dive deeper into your own spiritual journey!

If you would like me to assist with your particular situation, book a session with me here!

ep 258: Stop Obsessing! How To Detach and Let Go
air date: 03/16/22

This week it's all about letting go and detaching. No more making rules around your dreams. You are missing the party happening all around you. Learn about the art of patience, the art of acceptance and the art of getting. Convince yourself of your reality, even if you have to fake it a little bit. I'll tell you how. Own your affirmations. Push back against doubt and fear. Know that abundance is showing up all the time. Be okay with the now. This obsessive energy is exhausting and if you want a manifestation process that's productive and powerful - you gotta stop persisting.

If you would like for me to assist with your particular situation and uncover the blocks that are keeping you stuck, book a coaching session with me here.

Are you micromanaging your manifestations? Trying to control when you get the thing and how you get the thing. Control the elements that The Universe, with its infinite intelligence, already has ready for you?

Here's your answer: JUST CHILL! In this episode, learn why messing with the process and overdoing the work is NOT beneficial in bringing your ideal reality to light. Lack of trust in The Universe is counterproductive and your affirmations cannot always override your honest truth. You must be it, live it and believe it!

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Have you ever wondered what 1-1 coaching with me is like? Last month, on our weekly Mindset Monday live stream Q& chat, our community member Alayna WON a free session with me to be shared right here on the podcast!

Tune in to hear Alayna's story as I coach her through her limiting beliefs surrounding her passion for music vs. working to make money. Her story resonates a truth so many of us need to understand: What you want might not exist yet, so you have to get out there and create it!

If you'd like 1-1 help with me regarding your specific situation, you can schedule with me here

In this episode, I review a fantastic book, The Illusion of Money: Why Chasing Money Is Stopping You from Receiving It by Kyle Cease. This is not a money book. In fact, it's so much more than that. If you want to explore what self-worth really looks like and learn how to operate from a place of abundance, tune in. Everything we want is already available to us. We are the source. Learn more about what means and how to tap into it. After you listen, head to my forum to share your takeaways!

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When do you focus on manifesting a relationship? How do you know what to do or when the time is right?  In this week’s podcast episode, we break this down in detail. No one can fix your problems, fill the void, or give you the love you lack. YOU can, though.

Listen and learn why the self is the one maintaining the relationships you are trying so hard to manifest. When you sustain your own satisfaction, the universe responds. The SP is OUT there, but the love is IN you.

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Are you manifesting like a boss, then slipping back into your old ways of thinking? Is the old You lurking around, trying to come back in once you've finally made it to a new level in your life?

You don't have to let them in! You are the Manifestor, You make the rules. Temporary fixes don't sustain you for life. Real change is what you seek. In this episode, we chat about pushing past your deepest beliefs and manifesting the best version of you. The You that manifests with confidence and ease. This's a lifelong process, are you ready for lifelong results?

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Most of us are blindly seeking validation from the outside world, not realizing that what we see around us is simply a mirror reflecting the dominant thoughts within us. And a mirror, by definition, MUST reflect what is held in front of it. We cannot change what a mirror shows without first changing what we show it.

This is why prioritizing Self-Concept is crucial when it comes to manifesting. In this episode, we're talking about how to discover your OWN approval without requiring it from anyone else. Why seek from the outside world what already exists within? All you have to do is ALLOW yourself to receive it.

Connect to your source of Self-Love all day long with the VIBES by Roxy Self-Love Collection including affirmations, meditation, daily rituals and so much more!

Carrying around a childhood wound that hasn't been properly dealt with is like operating every day with a metaphoric gunshot wound, which colors any experience you intend to manifest by showing up as doubt, fear, worry, and insecurity.

Instead of focusing on a relationship, money, or a new career - your priority should be acknowledging the pain you've been previously ignoring so it can be healed. In this episode, I continue discussing the importance of honoring your feelings and explain how to nurture the abandoned inner child within you. We're about to go deep and get real!

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ep 250: Revise Your Past to Manifest a NEW Future!
air date: 01/05/22

Yes, you can "change" your past... but how does revision actually work?... And we're not just talking about things from the past you would like to change because this can happen 24/7 as you are seeing your world, computing, and telling a different story.

An unwanted experience may have happened in your reality, but that doesn't mean you aren't worthy, that things aren't working out for you, or that you won't get what you want. It means what you SAY it means! So say what you WANT it to be! In this episode, I'm discussing how to grab thoughts that say "NO!" and turn them into "HELL YESES"

If you would like help overhauling your mindset one day at a time, grab my FREE 30 Days of Alignment Challenge!

 Everything you have right now is a manifestation of a previous thought. Maybe it's the car you are driving, the relationship you are in, the phone you are using to listen to this podcast, or the house where you live. Showing gratitude for the wonderful things in your life amplifies your power as a creator by celebrating all that has already been created. In this episode, I'm explaining how the power of gratitude can elevate your attitude, thereby shifting your circumstances.

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We are so terrified of things we don't want to experience that we will do whatever it takes to avoid them, sometimes obsessively thinking them into existence. In this episode, I'm discussing the importance of facing your fears, wrapping them in love, and letting them go.  Shining light on the darkness is the quickest way for it to lose power. Love is the key.

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NEW VIBES by Roxy Self-Love Collection.

What IS money? How do we get it? What does it feel like to have it? These are some of the questions that are answered in the next selection for the Roxy Talks Book Club - Rich As F*ck by Amanda Frances. In this episode, I'll be reviewing the book and providing my own thoughts around what it truly means to be ABUNDANT. This book has not only changed the way I think about money but how I value myself as well.

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Today's topic comes directly from the Mindset Monday audience. I'm frequently asked by people who are in "NO CONTACT" with their Specific Person if they should contact them. In this episode, I'm sharing my opinions on contacting during "no contact", discussing how the situation manifests in the first place, as well as advice on what you can do to change your situation right NOW!

If you are manifesting a specific person and would like further assistance with creating the ideal relationship, check out my Specific Person Workshop.

In this episode, I speak with my good friend and very successful voice-over actress Tara Strong. You may know her as "Bubbles" from The PowerPuff Girls, Hello Kitty, Bat-Girl, Harley Quinn, or Raven - among so many others.

Tara is a natural manifestor who achieved incredible success simply by believing in the power to live her dreams. She talks about what it's like to touch other people's lives as an entertainer, how she uses her platform to spread love, and gives advice for those just getting started.

This was such a fun episode to film and an honor to share with you. Enjoy!

Follow Tara on Twitter or visit her website.

If you want to boss up your own life, check out my Confident AF Workshop.

In this episode of Roxy Talks, I am joined by Bob Doyle, Law of Attraction speaker and Brain Rewiring Educator & Coach, seen in the film The Secret. 


Bob's current work focuses on the biological aspects of conscious creation and the role our brain plays in shaping our reality. Bob and I had a great conversation about taking control of your life. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!

To take Bob's personality type quiz, click here

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 FREE 30 Days of Alignment Challenge!

All of the answers and guidance needed to live a blissful life already exists within us. Maintaining a regular meditation practice has been instrumental in helping me tune into divine messaging and the information that comes through is been even more powerful as of late.

In this episode I explain how to tap into this inner informational stream, what it feels like, and how the "voice" sounds, so that you may be able to silence the distractions of the ego and hear infinity!

If you would like more tips and tricks for developing your own practice, sign up for my FREE Meditation Guide here.

I would love to hear about your own experiences with meditation which you can share in the Roxy Talks Forum here.

Oh Shit!Something spiritual is going down!! Today I am joined by our first ever guest: Alea Lovely of the Spiritual Shit Podcast. Previously, I was a guest on her show (Episode 98) which you can listen to here. With our own unique approaches to the areas of spirituality and personal development, we discuss various types of dreams, premonitions, intuition, triggers, and of course manifestation in this episode. She was also gracious enough to answer questions from the Mindset Monday audience!🙏🏼

If you would like to learn more about Alea, visit her website.

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Money is a physical representation of your own perceived value IN the world and TO the world. Your self-worth equals your net-worth. 


In this episode of Roxy Talks, I'm discussing how to adopt a Manifesting Money Mentality so that you can attract the infinite abundance that's available to you NOW!

Get my Brand New affirmations album Rollin' In Dough and shake your booty while upgrading your money mindset!

How do you stay patient while waiting on manifestation? The answer is simple, ENJOY YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW. When you're focused on things that make you happy, you're not concerned with anything that is lacking in your life.

Joy begets more joy. It aligns you and makes you magnetically attractive to everything you desire. In this episode, I'm sharing all the ways you can appreciate the life you already have, while in the process of manifesting what's next.

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Self-sabotage is REAL y'all, and it can happen in the most subtle of ways. One pesky side effect of feeling good is the triggering of negative thoughts due to lifelong conditioning. However, as powerful CREATORS, we have the ability to rewrite this programming by changing our story.

In this episode, I'm reviewing: The Big Leap - by Gay Hendricks, which has helped me transform my life so much that I feel compelled to share what I've learned with you. If you're feeling stuck, longing for change, and unsure of what to do next, this episode is for you!

Join the Roxy Talks Community Book Club and follow along as we tackle manifestation, mindset, and positive living based literature.

ep 237: Do Your Feelings Ruin Your Manifestation?
air date: 9/1//21

When you're on the path of becoming a conscious creator, it isn't uncommon to question things like, "Did I just ruin my manifestation?" or, "Are my feelings more powerful than my thoughts?" The human ego has been in charge of protecting us our entire lives, and will keep us from greatness until we learn the importance of asking it to take a back seat, allowing our higher selves to steer the ship.  In this episode of Roxy Talks, I'm addressing these aforementioned questions and sharing the answers I've found along my own journey. I also explain the importance of following your passion and the role feelings play in the process of manifestation.

If you would like to completely shift your mindset and develop a mental diet that can help you attract the life of your dreams, then check out my Free 30 Days of Alignment Challenge.

ep 236: How To Allow Your Manifestations & Stop BLOCKING Them!
air date: 8/25/21

You have the power to attract the things you desire whether it's romance, self-esteem, money, an incredible career, etc. BUT, you MUST be a willing participant in accepting these experiences.

In this episode, I'm discussing how to get into that good feeling place that aligns you with the life of your dreams by remembering everything is always working out FOR you in the best possible ways.

If you would like to remove resistance, shift your mindset, and bring more peace, love, & abundance into your life - check out my FREE 30 Days of Alignment Challenge.

ep 235: Manifest a NEW Relationship: How To Bring Love Into Your Life
air date: 8/18/21

Love - everyone deserves it. There is a part of us deep down that seems to be always seeking it, but HOW do we attract it?


In this episode, I'm discussing the various ways we can prepare ourselves for a new partner by caring for THE most important relationship of all which is the one we have with OURSELVES.

If you want to completely transform your concept of love and up-level every relationship in your life, then check out my workshop for manifesting love🥰 

ep 234: Gratitude = Manifestation at its Easiest & Most Harmonious
air date: 8/11/21

One of the keys to manifestation is acting as if you already have the thing(s) you desire. Gratitude is the quickest route to FEELING abundant. The Universe responds to a grateful heart by providing MORE to be grateful for.


In this episode, I'm discussing the importance of counting your blessings and appreciating everything you've already manifested. Celebrate every win!


Marinate in that feeling of excitement and satisfaction. Soon, that will be your most dominant state of being. 

ep 233: Manifesting A New You: You DESERVE To Let Go Of Your Past Self
air date: 7/28/21

We're all on this spiritual journey to learn, grow, and expand. Part of the process is identifying the limiting patterns and beliefs that inhibit us from becoming our best selves.


In this episode, I discuss how to upgrade your life by letting go of the past version of yourself that's become comfortable playing small.


This is also the focus of my next live workshop on July 30th at 3PM PST where we will come together as a community to Let Go of any BS that's holding us back.


ep 232: Letting Go: Dr David Hawkins Book Review
air date: 7/21/21

Letting Go is one of the most talked-about yet misunderstood topics in manifesting, which is what inspired me to create an upcoming workshop centered around it!

Holding on too tightly can push our desires away from us, and clinging to the past prevents us from creating our future.

The inspiration to delve further into this concept is what attracted me to the book Letting Go by Dr. David Hawkins and why it is the second selection for our book club!

In this episode of Roxy Talks, I'll be reviewing this incredibly insightful book and adding my own interpretation of what it means to truly surrender...

ep 231: Manifest Using Inspired Action | What Exactly IS Inspiration?
air date: 7/14/21

We're constantly manifesting whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

Our thoughts motivate us to do certain things. But what exactly IS inspired action?

In this episode, I'm discussing how aligning your thoughts with your desires can result in new ideas that will enable you to crush your goals!💪🏼

ep 230: F$@% Hustle Mentality! | Manifest Success NOW!
air date: 7/7/21

Do you actually have to struggle for success? Is hustle mentality truly manifesting your best life? 

What if work is just another form of play? What if money and success come easily?

In this episode of Roxy Talks, I'm breaking down what it means to work like you already have the money, and share examples of how to write a new story that supports your dreams.

ep 229: Acting As If: How to Embody the Ideal Manifested YOU
air date: 6/30/21

What happens once we've made the decision to shed the old and embrace the new?

How do you embody this version of yourself aside from affirming and scripting about it? What does it mean to act "as if" you are living the life of your dreams?

In this episode, I'm breaking down the action steps you can take to change the old story and BECOME the person who has whatever you want right now.

ep 228: Forget About Your Specific Person To Manifest Your Specific Person
air date: 6/23/21

The best thing you can do to manifest a specific person is to forget about them altogether!... and I'm explaining  exactly WHY and HOW to do that in today's episode.

You truly must be fully at ease and content within yourself to manifest the best, easiest and most harmonious relationship.

Learn how to ease yourself into your ideal relationship, because you deserve it!

ep 227: Rising Like The Phoenix:
Moving On & Manifesting From Rock Bottom

air date: 6/16/21

Once you have hit your depths and realized that it is time for a change, you are MAKING that change happen.

Loving acceptance of where you are, combined with the resolute determination to go someplace better, is the recipe required for a swift shift in your life.

Moving on and rebuilding from who you once were is one of the beautiful parts of this life. Here's how to embrace it and use this process to the best of your advantage.

Out of the ashes, you rise!

ep 226: How To STAY in Power as a Conscious Manifestor! - Remember You're In Control!
air date: 6/9/21

The way to STAY in power is to REMEMBER that you are in power, every single day.

In this episode of Roxy Talks, I share with you my personal 4-check list of daily activities that will help you remain as mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally healthy as possible. 

Remember, manifestation  never stops, so the awareness that you are always in control should never stop, and that comes with constant reminders!

ep 225: Manifest Physical Health in Your Body NOW!
air date: 6/2/21

Use this 3-Step process to heal your physical body with the power of your own mind!

In this episode of Roxy Talks, I share with you my personal technique for manifesting physical healing using thoughts, focus and dedication.


Relief is on the horizon!

ep 224: Heal Your Wounds! Manifesting Healing Starts with The Mind!

air date: 5/5/21

Stop Procrastinating Your Emotional Healing!


The longer you allow yourself to live with the wounds of the past, the longer you suffer the wounds of the past in your CURRENT reality. 

This episode comes from a channeled message I received during a meditation. My guides helped me understand the toll that avoidance of emotional healing takes on us. 

Heal Your Wounds! Manifesting Health Starts with The Mind!

ep 223: Feelings vs. Manifestation...

Who Wins?

air date: 4/28/21

How do you manifest when you're feeling down?

How much do your feelings matter in the grand scheme of your manifestations?


And how do you ensure that you are still on track with what you want while you are experiencing emotions and feelings that cause you to doubt your ability to achieve what you want?


In this episode of Roxy Talks, we discuss exactly how much of a part your feelings actually play, and what you can do to keep yourself on point no matter what you feel!

ep 222: Have FAITH in Manifesting:

How To Believe In Your Power!

air date: 4/21/21

Faith is what gets you through the moments when it feels like you want to give up. When it seems like your manifestations are not coming through and you don't know what else to do. 


Let go of the worries and doubts and embrace the infinite power within yourself this very moment!


This episode of Roxy Talks shows you how to build unwavering faith in your manifestations so that you can achieve  ANYTHING you desire.

ep 221: Circumstances Don't Matter

Manifest What You Want!

air date: 4/12/21


While your circumstances may be uncomfortable or worse, the fact remains that they are completely irrelevant to where you are going next unless you make them a part of the story.


This episode of Roxy Talks is all about learning how to be unconditional with your thinking in regards to your current circumstances.


Circumstances Don't Matter!

ep 220: Manifesting Your Dreams -

 Harnessing The Power of Now

air date: 4/5/21

In every moment is the power to realign with joy and to connect with the truth of your very essence.

In this episode of Roxy Talks, we will be interpreting passages from the book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. As well as enjoying tarot readings related to the specific passages from the book!


This episode will help you uncover your true power in the present moment.

ep 219: A Message From Your Highest Self: You Came Here to Live an Amazing Life!

air date: 3/31/21

You came here to fulfill yourself as a being, and to fulfill yourself as a soul, who is greater than anything you could possibly fathom about your earthly incarnation.

You are walking, joy, appreciation, gratitude, abundance, and love. You are all of that in a human body pretending to be just a regular person... But that's not your destiny!

Your highest self wants you to know that you are not alone, and you are an incredible being. Enjoy this life!

ep 218: Manifesting Your Ideal Physical Self + Dealing With Insecurities

air date: 3/24/21

We live in a world that can make us feel like our value lies solely in the superficiality of our physical form. This creates insecurity within us as we begin to believe that we have less value than others.


In this episode of Roxy Talks, you will learn the power of realizing your unique beauty and visualizing your ideal self into psychical reality. You will also understand the value of positive self talk and how you can best deal with your insecurities.


Visualize your dream body and create your dream reality along with it!

ep 217: Manifesting Wealth, Abundance, & Prosperity!!

air date: 3/17/21

Abundance and prosperity aren’t just limited to the physical and to material fulfillment, it's within us already.


In this episode of Roxy Talks, we will be discussing the true source of fulfillment, abundance, and prosperity in our lives based on the principles in “The Abundance Book” by John Randolph Price.


We will also learn the importance of becoming conscious or aware of our connection to the universe and how that brings to us all that we have always wanted and imagined.


This episode will help you uncover the power within you.

ep 216: Dropping the Old Story: STOP Manifesting What You Don't Want!

air date: 3/10/21

You have an incredible power to create whatever it is that you have been wanting to happen or experience in your world.

This episode of Roxy Talks will help you realize that your reality needs your own awareness, control, manifestations, and conceptualization to operate and when you harness all of this, you begin the process of changing your reality and creating a whole new world of your dreams!

Out with the Old!

ep 215: Get Out of Your Own Way: PART 2 for Advanced Manifesting!

air date: 3/3/21

Here's your second installment of the 2 part series all about getting out of your own way!


Last week we spoke on the idea of our personal brand of self-sabotage in the beginning stages of a manifestation practice.


 This finale dives even deeper, showing you how to get out of your own way if you are an Advanced Manifestor!

ep 214: Get out of your own way:

For manifesting beginners

air date: 2/24/21

This episode of the Roxy Talks Manifestation Podcast is one half of a 2 part series!


This week catch part 1 a chat on How To Get Out of Your Own Way for Manifesting Beginners. What is your personal brand of self-sabotage?


 Come back next week for the final piece of the series, Part 2: How To Get Out of Your Own Way for Advanced Manifestors!

ep 213: I Met My Spirit Guides! Meditation Success Story

air date: 2/17/21

This week I'm sharing my experience in meeting my Spirit Guides through meditation.

I also discuss how you can protect yourself and your energy in this week's segment of Dear Roxy.

Have you ever attempted to contact your Spirit Guides? Were you successful? What was the outcome?

ep 212: Putting Yourself First: Manifestation & Emotional Wellness

air date: 2/10/21

It's time to be honest about where we are mentally and emotionally. We can't continue ignoring and suppressing our true feelings.

In order to live out lives to the highest potential, we need to be convicted in our authenticity to ourselves and our needs.

This week we are discussing the necessity and implementation of healthy boundaries and behaviors that foster positive wellbeing!

Take some time for you!

ep 211: Manifesting A Proposal From A Specific Person

air date: 2/3/21

In honor of the month of love, we're discussing what it takes to manifest a proposal from your specific person.

I know a lot of people are feeling a growing sense of resentment trying to wait for what they want, but their thoughts and actions contradict those desires.

We're also talking about how to keep your manifestations once you get them and how not to fear losing what you manifest in this week's segment of Dear Roxy.

It's commitment time!

ep 210: Find Answers When You're

Feeling Lost

air date: 1/27/21

How to find answers when you're feeling lost in life. Answers are just a decision away!

This episode of Roxy Talks will help you stop questioning when you're swirling in doubt, so you can take control of your life!

In this week's segment of Dear Roxy, we talk about how to navigate your 3D world when you get triggered, you don't want to miss this one!

Are you feeling 100% lately??

ep 209: Everyone Is you pushed out success story: my first Manifestation

air date: 1/20/21

This week I'm discussing the first time I accidentally but deliberately manifested someone who didn't know I existed!

This instance not only opened my eyes to the unseen forces of the world, but also shaped the rest the of my life!

We'll also learn how this applies to the Neville Goddard philosophy of Everyone Is You Pushed Out from a Quantum perspective.

What was your first time?

ep 208: How To Strengthen Your

Intuition, Psychic Abilities, & Manifesting Power

air date: 1/13/21

This episode of Roxy Talks is all about the unseen and tapping into the energies available on planet Earth.


I get asked so often about my own experience with my psychic abilities and also how YOU can unlock your own gifts. 


Tune into your psychic powers and strengthen your abilities using the tips and tricks in this week's episode.

What does your intuition tell you?

ep 207: Letting go of the past:

advanced quantum Manifestation 

air date: 1/6/21

This week we are going down the rabbit hole of time and the nature of the past and the present.


I know so many people struggle with defining themselves by experiences and trauma from their past and it can be hard to let go of these notions sometimes. 


Find out why the past is completely irrelevant, and hear some past trauma related questions answered for Dear Roxy, in this week's episode.

Time to get weird!

ep 206: Rewriting Your Specific Person & Changing Your Story!

air date: 12/30/20

In this week's episode we're talking about how YOU can head back to the drawing board and change the narrative about your Specific Person in order to manifest them the way that you want them to be!


Rewriting the story of your Specific Person is EASY... you can even use this process to rewrite YOURSELF so you can manifest the life you've always wanted!


A new-improved You and SP are just around the corner!

Who will you be tomorrow?

ep 205: holidays in quarantine: Manifestation Guide

air date: 12/23/20

In this episode I'm giving you tips for getting through  the holidays in this unprecedented time.


This year, many people won't be able to spend the holidays with the people they care about. Others have to spend it with people who trigger them in some way or another. Even more, many people are spending this time alone. 


Get my best tips, hear a client success story about manifesting a specific holiday outcome, plus learn about your burning questions in Dear Roxy, in this week's episode.

Happy Holidays!

ep 204: Practical Manifesting: Habits of an expert manifestor

air date: 12/15/20

In this episode I'm getting personal and discussing why I'm pulling focus away from YouTube😱


I'm also talking about what you can do to make your manifesting practices practical and normal for you!


Plus, in our newest segment Dear Roxy, I'm answering your most sought after questions regarding manifestation! This time I'm answering why things seem to stall after you've seen positive momentum with a manifestation.


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