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🎁holiday bundles🎁


now through Jan 3!



Includes - VIBES by Roxy: Abundance & Rollin’ In Dough Master Training Replay


When the holiday season hits, everything suddenly becomes about $$$! 🤯 LOTS of spending, high expectations for gift-giving, and preparations for all the holiday events! 


But, what if you didn’t have to worry? 

What if you could give and celebrate without fear or shame this year?


Make it rein 🦌 this holiday season and bring in more prosperity, wealth, and abundance than you could ever dream of with the Abundance Bundle!

Includes - VIBES by Roxy: Self-Love & Rewrite Your Specific Person Master Training Replay


Whether or not you have the perfect person with you for the holidays…

Whether you’re searching for more love within yourself… 

Or even if you’re waiting to FINALLY get that PERFECT kiss on New Year’s Eve😉...


You can still manifest the greatest expression of love you've ever experienced! Ring in the new year with DAZZLING love and a sweet kiss under the mistletoe🎋 with the Ideal Love Bundle!


Includes - VIBES by Roxy: Gratitude & Move The F*ck On Master Training Replay


It’s time perfect time to release and let go of everything that’s been holding you back this year... And bask in immense appreciation for all of the incredible opportunities you were granted throughout.🙏


But now, it’s time to turn your attention towards GREATER AND BETTER possibilities for yourself. Surrender to the powers of the Universe and relinquish the need to control. Shed your limitations and welcome the new year with confidence!🥂

Live every day as your ideal and you'll BECOME your ideal!

Practice being your ideal NOW with these revolutionary, energetic experiences!

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