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Good deals and good vibes are included in everything you are about to see...


These EXCLUSIVE offers are available through Monday 11/27.


Whether you're working on your business, your love life, or your self-confidence, there's something juicy here for you...


Fire Content + Selling On Social

Get Immediate Access to 2 game-changing trainings that will revolutionize the way you use social media to bring in revenue!

For just $49 you'll receive:

1. The Selling On Social Game Plan (a $44 value!)

An extremely in-depth, 13-part audio training that gives you EVERYTHING you need to identify and target your most dreamy ideal client and sell your offers directly to them via social media! This training can help you bring in thousands of dollars a month from your social media following. It is GOLD! Turn your social media into a sales machine that brings clients right to your doorstep

Don't just be another random account they follow, be the one that provides them with what they are yearning for with Selling On Social!

Stop letting money slip through the cracks. Make EVEN More Money on Social Media than ever!



2. The Fire Content Game Plan (a $44 value!)

A 5-part audio training that teaches you how to write content that turns your social media into a client acquisition MACHINE! No more guessing what to say in your posts. No more wondering how to convey to your audience that YOU have what they need.

This is YOU shining in your purpose, attracting the most aligned people possible to you, and articulating the value you truly offer to them. 

You're gonna be ON FIRE, babe!🤩

Get BOTH for JUST $49!

SAVE $39 vs. purchasing separately!


Package of SIX 30-Min 1-1 Private Sessions $4,444/PIF or $777x6mo

You + Me = Your Success SKYROCKETED🚀

With this special Black Friday Offer, you can purchase SIX 30-Minute Voxer 1-1 sessions with me!


1-1 Coaching is for the badass visionary who is moving with courage, trusting in yourself, and ready for support on your journey to fulfilling your purpose on Planet Earth.


Pay in Full and Monthly Installments are available.


Star Power Mini-Mind

Elevate your business to Iconic Status!


Star Power is an exclusive 2-week mini-mind in Voxer designed to empower you with the knowledge, insights, and mindset needed to create a world-altering EMPIRE.

  • Learn the secret strategies and techniques to take your business to the next level
  • Discover how to align your business with your higher purpose so that you can create a deeper impact while fulfilling your mission
  • Learn how to create iconic branding that resonates with your audience, sets you apart, and leaves a lasting impression
  • Become the star of your niche so that you can magnetically attract ideal clients who are ready to work with you right now
  • Direct access to me with personalized guidance on how to expand your brand in ways you haven't even thought of


This 2-week Mini-Mind begins December 4, 2023 and includes:

🔥Two weeks of group Voxer with Roxy: Monday, December 4 - Friday, December 15
🔥Content auditing with guidance on how to create iconic branding that resonates with your audience
🔥Early Enrollment Gifts
🔥Receive $1,300 off enrollment (Full retail price is $1,999) 


 *This Mini-Mind IS included in your Synergy Membership



Become Iconic, Ignite Your Unstoppable Power, Transform Your Business & Manifest Your Boldest Dreams

The Lucky Star Bundle is a magically transformational collection of powerful programs designed to propel you forward on your personal AND entrepreneurial journey so that you can create a fulfilling, abundant, DREAM LIFE doing just what YOU love.


Together, these programs synergize together the tips, tricks, strategies, and mindset I used to create a business that gives me the freedom to fearlessly pursue my passions every single day.

The trainings in this bundle will teach you:
  • How to identify your Ideal Client Avatar so you can target the people who NEED your skills and talents.
  • Everything you need to build a massive, loyal audience who begs for your work!
  • How to pinpoint your passions and find the niche of customers YOU are going to serve!
  • What to say, what to post, how to act, how to carry yourself on and off screen, and how to create a "Youniverse" where everything you put out is irresistible to your audience.
  • How to reach more and more adoring fans every. single. day! 
  • How to create super dialed-in messaging that demonstrates your knowledge while letting your energy shine through.
  • How to develop a product suite and various money pathways that will allow you to create micro and macro offers that your audience BEGS FOR!
  • How to embody the energetic state that allows you to hack the system and manifest ANYTHING you want.
And SO much more!!!


The Lucky Star Bundle includes:

✨STAR Power REPLAY ($555 value)

✨Monetize Your Dreams Deluxe ($777 value)

✨$20K Months Masterclass ($111 value)

✨Lucky Me Syndrome Training ($111 value)


If purchased separately, the total for these programs would be over $1500!!!




Mega Love Bundle

The ULTIMATE bundle for bringing more love into your life!

Get access to EVERY Roxy Talks

program to Manifest Love!


What you'll get:

  • Instant access to my best-selling course of all time the Manifest Your Specific Person Workshop - a $777 value!

  • Put Yourself On the Pedestal Master Training Replay mini-course and access to a private group of your peers! - $111 value!

  • Rewrite Your Specific Person Master Training Replay mini-course and access to a private group of your peers! - $111 value!

  • Love & Money Master Training Replay mini-course and access to a private group of your peers! - $111 value!

Separately, these courses would cost $1,111 - you can get them ALL during Black Friday for just $555...

That's a SAVINGS of OVER $555!

What a Steal!

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