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You deserve to live the life of your dreams!

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I will help you create your dream life no matter what's standing in your way!

If you have been struggling with doubts and negative thinking, you are in the right place!

​I'm here to help you transcend your self-limiting beliefs by showing you how to get out of your own way and create long-lasting changes, so you don't slip back into your old patterns.

​I teach a mixture of mindset principles, inner focus, and deliberate action through awareness and discipline, to bring about positive changes and help you become the version of yourself that you want to be!

Private Coaching

Private sessions are available on Fridays during the hours of 1:00 pm & 5:00 pm PST. 

Email for questions regarding scheduling.


60 Minute Session



45 Minute Session



30 Minute Session


60 minutes
45 minutes
30 minutes

Should you book One-on-One Coaching?

Are there areas of your life that need direct attention and guidance? Do you find yourself getting lost in a swarm of negative emotions? Perhaps you'd like to learn how to manifest what/who you want in your life, or maybe you just need someone to talk to when doubts begin to take over. Roxy offers an understanding ear, think of her as your new big sister, and her 360˚ approach to manifesting will help you gain control in every area of your life.


Book a one-on-one session to discuss things such as:


💕How to manifest a specific person or thing​

💕How to regain self-confidence

💕How to manage negative thoughts

💕How to take control of your life

💕How to release self-limiting beliefs

💕How to get over a person or situation

💕How to stop doubting yourself

💕How to forgive yourself or someone else

💕How to let go of what's weighing you down 

and more... 


*No refunds, transfers accepted

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